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Monday, 27 August 2018

Our Secret Project....

Remember those styrofoam cones I got a while back?

Well I've decided what to do!!!

First I painted one with liquid metal acrylic paint (red lustre!  Except it looks more dusky pink to me.....)

Then we got some copper acrylic paint and sploshed a bit on the not-quite-covered-up bits.

When that had dried, we got out our supply of sparkly boshed up jewellery bits we got off ebay.

....and started sticking them into styrofoam!  Some of them we used a bit of gloo.

Oh this is fun......!!
I'll show you more later!  I think we might need to get some wire.  
And more sparkly boshed up jewellery off ebay.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

We had Brunch!!!

Today, we went out without having breakfast!!!  That's not fair!
But we did see a fancy shop window with metal fish in it!!!

We got the bus into town and got off here....!

And then we did a spot of grafitti hunting!!

And when we arrived here, at a place called Bills!!
Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky were already here and we're going to have a thing called Brunch!

We started off with a big pot of tea......

And then we got Bill's Brunch which is eggs, bacon, tomato, toast, mushrooms, sossidge and some extra black pudding!!!

And we were SOOOO hungry we ate it ALL!!!
Afterwards, Arnty Bev had to go home, so we said tutty bye.... but we're going to visit her soon!!!

On our way back to the bus stop we found another cable box too!

Saturday, 25 August 2018

A day out.....

Today, we got all our chores done early and then went to get the bus into town.....
That's Zippo's circus over there!

We ended up at Brighton Station.  We're going to meet someone!

We met Arnty Bev off her train and then Arnty Vicky drove us all to her house!
Arnty Bev gave us a present from Portland - that's where she lives now!

We met with our doggie friend Prince!  He was very pleased to see us!

After a cuppa tea, we got the bus into town - and went past this cable box!

We had a bit of a stroll round town and then stopped for coffee an cayke.
We had pumpkin and salted caramel cayke!

Arnty Bev had the same as us, and Arnty Vicky had bloooberry cayke

We helped eat it all

Oh hang on - you missed a bit here.

Then we walked into town a bit more to go window shopping.

After a while we stopped for a drink.  Strawberry gin.  


You wouldn't like it at all
it was horrid

Then we went to a place called The Gin Tub.

It's quite posh in here....

And they had old fashioned phones on the table where you dialled your order in!!

We had Edinburgh Roobarb an ginger gin.


Then we went a bit further and had dinner at an Indian restaurant called Ashoka.

We had Popapapappapadoms with various Dips.

And then we got a whole spread of three different curries, two pillaw rice, one garlic nan bread, another different nan bread, something else and, and, and - oh!  Yeah, onion Bharjees!!!

It was yummy!

Then we walked home after waving tutty bye to Arnty Vicky and Arnty Bev who were going the other way.  Zippos has it's lights on!

When we got home, Andrea showed us the CDs that Arnty Vicky gave us!

And also another book that we bought!
What fun!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Another package AND a new project!!!

We had to go collect a bit box from the sorting office today....


It's got two Styrofoam cones in it!!!!!
We're going to use them for A Special Project!!!
I'm really excited!!!

We got some packages!!!

Andrea went shopping on ebay this week and we got some packages!!!

This one had a zombie book in it!!!  It's one of a series that we've started.....

Then today we got another package.....

with three MORE books in it!!!  One more of Sue Grafton's alphabet series and two more zombie books!!!  Brilliant!!

Monday, 13 August 2018

We got a package!!

We got a package today!  How exciting!!

It was a bookcrossing book!!  She sent it to us in return for a book we sent her!!!
 What fun!