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Sunday, 6 May 2018

We went to Eastbourne!!!

Today Andrea said we were going out.  String Beanie said he was coming too!!

After Andrea got some money out, we went to the bus stop....

.....and got a bus to here just in time to get another bus!!!

Wonder where we're going.....

We tied a floppy disc to this bus!

And found grafitti on a wall!!

We made a video on the way!

And this one is of Saltdean Lido!

We reached a bus stop called Stud Farm.  What's a Stud Farm??

Gosh it's pretty countryside round here....

After quite a long time, we got off here!!!

We're at Eastbourne Pier!!!  String's never been here before!

THEY'VE GOT A PENNY ARCADE!!!  Andrea remembered to bring some of our 2p coins too - LET'S GO IN!!!

String Beanie won a prize!!!  It's a Haribo hotdog!!!

Then we decided to have a walk along the seafront.

There was a market going on..... Macarons!!!  Let's buy some!!

And a cheese stall too!!  Can we have some cheese??  The chap running this one cut off bits of different cheese for us to taste, and Andrea let us choose our favourite!!!

We found some skull and crossbones!  That's one of the things to find on my treasure hunt!!


Oh that was fun!!  

We decided to walk the other way along the seafront and left a CD on the railing.

We made another video - isn't it brill?!?!

We left a book on a bench near the fort too.  Someone might read it....

Then we walked back towards the Pier

That hotel has flags - that's another item to find on our treasure hunt!!

We left another CD on the railing....

And then made use of the facilities by the Pier.  We left them a book!!

Then we went back to the bus stop because we figured it was almost home time.  We left a floppy disc here!  We had about 20 minutes to wait before the next bus so we had a little wander round.

They have lions on their lamp posts!!

Then we saw some motorbikes!!!

When we got on the bus, Andrea said we could go upstairs!!!  We got a seat at the front!!

We gave them a CD too!!

And we're off!!!

We went past the seafront market!!

Coo, look at that view!

We made a video of Cuckmere Haven - that's so pretty!
We must come back here for a proper look you know.

It's lovely.

There's even people paddle boarding on part of it!!

We saw a pretty church on the way....

And that's Newhaven Harbour!!  There's ferries that leave there that go to France!

We went along some very high cliffs too

Ooooh - we're getting into Brighton now!

That's Brighton Marina!!!

The bus we were on had to go on diversion because of very heavy traffic near Brighton Pier so we got off (finally!) here and got on another bus to get home.

We saw a funny fire engine on the way!!!

And found another graffitt'd cable box!  I think that's another treasure hunt item, isn't it??

Then we got another bus home and gave them a floppy disc!

When we got off, we left another bookcrossing book at the bus stop!

And then it's just down here to get home!!!

We were all starving hungry so we had a quick snack and then got out the shopping to show Jelly Beanie!

We got two chutneys - caramelised onion and potting shed!!

These are lemon curd (string's favourite!) and strawberry jam!!!

That's the cheese that we chose!!!

Lancaster Bomber!!!!

Those are the macarons - two of them got a bit mashed in the bag but Andrea said that means we get to eat them before dinner.  Like, NOW!  (so we did!!  Haha!)

I made Andrea a Bloody Mary to drink wiv one of my special swizzley sticks wiv wobbly gooley eyes.  The eyes wobble when you swizzle!!!!!
That was a fun day out!!


  1. What a wonderful day trip. Enjoy your macaroons, and make sure Andrea has a piece of celery with her Bloody Mary please?

  2. Potting Shed Chutney??? Only in England... Great trip by the way! Although, Eastbourne looks a lot like Brighton to this uneducated bear's eye. And those cliffs look Dover-ish!