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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Walk on the seafront

After we watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, we went for a walk along the seafront.  We found another manhole cover, that's one of our treasure hunt things!!

Then we spotted a mad sculpture thing....

Coo!  There's a ship and a seagull and a windmill, and, and.....

Oh!  We have our own plinth like in Trafalgar Square!!!


We walked a bit further on and found a one man band!  He was funny!!

Then we arrived here near the i360 tower.

We saw some Morris dancers and a morris dancing doggie!!


We watched some Morris dancing for a while!

We saw these ladies last year too!

Arntie Vicky is in this one!!  She's in the bloo skirt on the left!!

We thought they'd finished here but they hadn't!  They did a bit more!

And then we saw a sticky boshy dance!

It was very loud with lots of yelling!!!

We made some videos too!  just short ones though

After that, we walked up the road to get the bus home and found some more cable boxes!

This one had some grafitti on the wall as well!

And then I found a rusty washer - that's one of my treasure hunt things too!!


  1. What the heck are Morris dancers?? With whacky sticks to boot? You see the coolest things!

    1. THOSE are Morris Dancers!!! Traditional English crazy-ness!!!