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Monday, 21 May 2018

Monet, shopping and Chinatown!

Andrea got us up early today but we're not going to work!!!

We got to the bus stop.....

We put this floppy disc on the rail!

And we got of at the train station!!!  Where are we going???

We got on a train that was going to Bedford but just before we left, they announced it was going to Cambridge instead!!!  Andrea said it didn't matter, we weren't going that far.

We gave them a CD!

And then made a video!!

We're coming into London Bridge station now!

That's the shard!!!

We stayed on the train a few more stops and got off here!

We used the facilities.....

And then decided to have a walk to stretch our legs!

Oh coo!  That's fancy!

And an old sign too!

That's a posh door eh?!

Oh wow!!!


That's a fancy clock there too!

That's pretty!

There's a white plark on there about the anti corn law league!

And Prince Henry has a room in there!!!  So THAT's where he goes......

There's another fancy clock up there!

OH!  We've never seen that before!!!  Wonder what DSG means?

And that's the only building in this street that pre-dates the Great Fire of London!!!!

That's got fish on it!

And that's the tea shop!!!  You can see a bit of the Royal Courts of Justice reflected in the window

After we crossed the road, we left a book on a bench.....

And went to Covent Garden!!

There's a flea market!

We went in here to get Andrea's birthday cayke.....

And found a skull!!!

We carried on a bit further....

And got to Trafalgar Square!!!

Then we got the cayke out .......

And squeaked happy birthday to Andrea!!!  We're early but she didn't mind.  She's used to us embarrassing her.....

After we helped her eat the cayke, we left a book on the seat.....

And went to look at the new statue on the fourth plinth.

It's interesting!!!

We made a video of Trafalgar Square!

....and then walked up the side....

To the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery!

We're going to see an expedition!!

First we collected our ticket - we got in for a tenner on our art pass!!!

We had a bit of time to spare so we went in the gift shop before going in the expedition.  The man letting people in didn't just take the stub of the ticket - he took THE WHOLE TICKET!!!  We don't have anything for our scrapbook now!!!  Didn't like that..... but the expedition was good!!  We liked the last two rooms best - they had all the Rouen Cathedral paintings lined up, all the Houses of Parliament lined up, and then all the Grand Canal in Venice pictures lined up!  They were fab!!

Afterwards we used the facilities and left them a floppy disc.....

And then walked up the road for lunch.  We left a CD on the way!

I love this fence....

Here we are!!  Byron Burgers!

First we got a fizzy drink...

And then we got a burger!  It was yum!

After lunch, we walked up Haymarket and met a duck!

Then we went through Piccadilly Circus

It's fun here!!!

There's lots of Union Jack flags up.

Loads and loads of them!!

And loads and loads and loads!!!

We found a market and made a video of it.

And then we found a shiny teapot in a window.....

It's Fortnum & Masons!!!

Double Trouble???  Mice?????  That's slanderous!!!

Then we went off to get a bus because our feet were hurting.

We went to Constitution Hill

And discovered we needed the number 19 bus

We didn't have to wait long, and we gave them a floppy disc!

Coo, that's interesting!!

We got off here at Chinatown!!!  We've never been here!!!

Oh wow!!!

Oh look up there!!!

What is it?!?!?!

Oh wow!!!

It's fun here!!!  Let's come again!!

The King's silversmith lived here!!!

They got a gate with a dragon in it!!!

Oh!  Who's he??

Then we went back to the bus stop and got another bus.... they got a CD too!

There's a Harry Potter show!

Green Man??  is there a Martian here?

We got off here ......

And crossed the road - you can see the BT tower reflected in that building!

And got to the bus stop just as our bus arrived!  

That one got a floppy disc!

TA-DA!!  We got off at the British Library!!

Then it was just a short walk round the corner.....

.....with 15 minutes to spare before our train home!

We got a window seat too!

they got a floppy disc!

And we're off!

What a fun day!

We're nearly home now!

And we're back!!!

There was a bus waiting when we got outside!

And we're off!

Then it was just a short walk home!!!

We showed String what we bought.  This is Andrea's birthday present but don't tell her!!!

We got some Monet postcards too!  You can tell her about those though.

We got some of Andrea's favourite coffee and some lime curd.  Andrea's Mum is going to make us a lemon meringue pie (but with lime curd because we like it better than the lemon curd) for Andrea's birthday cayke!!!

And we got a jar of Morello cherry and chocolate curd.
Because it sounds spectacular!


  1. You have the best adventures! Double, that might be a good nickname for two little mice we know... hehe

  2. Wow... just... wow... you manage to see so much in one day! But, I have to say... Laduree, Monet and Byron Burgers... all in one day! That's sooo great! Happy... er... Belated... Bearthday to Andrea!!!