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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Family holiday in London, day three

Today was our last breakfast!!

We got cornflakes as well as panno shoko lah and toast an coffee!

After breakfast we had to go and pack up.....

We had a last look out of the window before we left.  We've had a lovely few days!

When we handed our keys in, we got a stamp in my passport!!

And then it was off to the bus stop over the road!!!

We got the C10 bus and gave them a floppy disc!!

.....and we're off!!

We're nearly at the station now!

We got off here.....

And used the facilities first.....

.....before heading off down here.... get to the coach station!

We got another window seat!

And gave them a CD!

And we're off!!!

We had some more Jaffa caykes too!  We love these!



Oooh, interesting clock there....

And that's pretty too!

we've gone through London now!

OH!  Legs!!!

And we got off here at Pool Valley in Brighton!!!

Then we just had a short walk to the bus stop....

And we got off here!  Short walk home from here!!!

What a fab trip!!  I love family holidays!!!