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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Picasso, food and Crossbones....

Today, me and Jelly were going out - String Beanie said he wanted to trade travel stories with Peanut so they stayed home!

We headed up the road..... the bus stop.....

....and only waited a couple of minutes before our bus came along!!!

We gave it a floppy disc!!

Then we arrived at the train station!  Hurrah!  We're going somewhere!!!

OK, so which one's ours??

This one!!!  It started off a quiet train....

.....but as we went along it got busier and noisier!!!

(we made a video!)

Eventually we all piled off at London Bridge!!!  Turns out the London Marathon was on today, and half the country had been on our train to come and watch!!!!

But we weren't going to do that because we like doing different stuff!!!
That's the Shard building!

We started off going towards Borough Market!

OH!  Green Dragons live there!!!

Here we go!

We left a bookcrossing book on a bench first.....

And then we found a piggie!!!  Oh wow!

We found a pretty muriel too!

That's a famous boat called the Golden Hind!

That's the other end of the boat.

We're going this way now!  Hang on, I remember this.....

It's the Clink Museum!  We left a book on their fence!

And a CD too!

OOOooo!  Look, there's St Pauls Cathedral!!!

We saw a band play so we stopped for a boogie!

And then arrived at the Tate Modern!  We're going to an expedition!

We left a book on a bench here too.

Picasso?  We're going to see Picasso??!

We used the facilities first and left them a floppy disc.....

And then went to see the expedition!

We were allowed to take pictures of some of the paintings, but we only took pictures of the ones we liked.  We thought most of them were rubbish.

That's kinda nice though.... I like how he does rain in it.

This one we think is from his bloo period

That one he did on an envelope!!!  you can't really see the painting because Andrea's rubbish at taking photos, but the painting's rubbish anyway so you're not missing anything.
But he did it on an envelope!!!

That one's an etching!

Afterwards, we went shopping in the gift shop and then we were getting hungry.

So we went off to find somewhere to eat - and left another floppy disc for someone to find!

There's St Paul's Cathedral again!

We did another video!

And then we found that band again!!  We had another boogie!

There's the Globe Theatre!

We went down a little side street and left another book on a bench.

OH!!  Look!!!

It had a funny picture on it too!

We gave this CD to a tree!

And found another bear!!!!!  Somebody around here likes bears!!

We put a floppy disc on this fence ....

....and then found a restaurant called Tas Pide that was open for lunch!

We were given some olives, flat bread and a yummy dip to nibble on while we looked at the menu

First we got a taboule salad - we like those!!!

Then we got a somethingy Pide which had goats cheese and spring onion in it.  It's kind of like a weird shaped pizza thing crossed with an open toasted sandwich but made with a flat bread base..... it was interesting!!

That was the change tray!  I wanted to nick it but Andrea wouldn't let me.

Then we went off for a wander!

There's the Shard over there!

We found a lion too!!!

And a skull and crossbones!!!  

And another one!!!

we added a floppy disc.....

And took lots of photos....

And left a CD too.....

Someone left some marbles too!  Oh wow!!

Then we wandered back and found a new manhole cover!

And a little Church

Oh now that's fancy.....!

Borough Market!  Let's go look!!

Free goody bag?  Did someone say free goody bag?

Guess where we went shopping!!!

In Borough Market they were dancing round a maypole so we joined in!!!

That cable box has got googly eyes!!!

After a spot of shopping, we decided to go home.....

So we made our way back the way we came.....

And just in time to get the next train back to Brighton!!!

What a fab day!

Those hills are the South Downs, you know.

Here we are!!!

And there was a bus waiting for us outside the station!!!

....nearly home.....!

We showed String Beanie our shopping - first we got a pack of postcards.

And a book to read (like we REALLY need another book!!)

And some keyrings and fridge magnets.  We're donating those to a doggie auction on Facebook.

That's Bob T Bear's birthday present!!!

This is our goody bag!

We got a St George's flag!

Some expired money off coupons and some recipe cards.

Some free samples!!!

And that's some seriously fab hand cream for Andrea!  It's the only one she's ever used that doesn't make her skin break out in a rash!!!  She says it's BRILL!


And we got some posh salt for cooking.

It's Garlic and Parsley salt!
What a fab day out!


  1. What a lovely day you have given us vicariously. Love you

  2. You always need more books!!!!! You can never have too much books! Also: great pig :-)

  3. Wow... another great day. Those paintings by Picasso almost look... good. Huh - go figure.