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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Grafitti and food!

Today, we got taken out to meet some friends.  We all had to wear scarves because it was snowing!!!
We spotted some more grafitti boxes on the way....

After wandering round the shops for a bit, we were all hungry so we went to JB's Diner for a late breakfast!!!  Ummmm...... what shall we have??

Even Fattie came along!  Was nice seeing him again!

We got a filter coffee.....

And A Very Big Milshake!!!

With a straw each!!  HURRAH!!!

Then we got an American Breakfast!!!  Sausages, bacon, fried egg, pancakes and maple syrup!!

Arnty Bev got pancakes too.  Do you need help with those??
Are you sure??

We saw a great sign hanging up.  Save water - drink champagne!!!

Then we had a chat with the policeman.  We wanted a ride on his motorbike but he wouldn't let us.

Then we had a wander round the Lanes and found a chocolate doggie!!!

And another grafitti box!
Then it was getting really cold so we decided to go home.
Was a fun outing though!!!  We like outings where we eat lots of food!!!


  1. Nice... but was that American or Canadian maple syrup?

    1. WEll since that place is called JB's American Diner, I don't think it was Canadian maple syrup, do you?!?