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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Beanie Mouse, Scrap Metal merchant, strikes again!!!

There was a package waiting for us outside our door when we got home today!!!  Andrea said she'd been spending money on ebay again!!!

Wonder what she got......


OH WOW!!!!
She got ALL THESE EARRINGS for a fiver including postage!!!

There was even a little Christmassy badge wiv flashing lights on!!!  Oh what fun!!

And some proper bling!!

And there was also this long dangly one!  It's amazing!!!

And then we found this one with bloo tassels on it!!!

And another dangley one!

We made a video of some of the bits too!
(That's the news on audio in the background.....)

Ooo.... that looks like Tiger's Eye!  Arnty Helena likes that stuff....

We got lots of circular hoop earrings too.  We can use them with the playing cards

These are earring bits but without the sticky-in-your-ear bit


And all these are the proper sparkly blingy bits!
We're going to save those for "A Project"!!
Oh what fun!


  1. What project??? It must be a sparkly project!

  2. Wow, what a treasure find! Is your supplier from the UK also?

    1. Yes - buying from the US has almost prohibitive mailing costs!!