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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Milkshakes and street art

Today we came to Brighton to see Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky.  Arnty Bev made String Beanie a scarf!!  It's brill!!!

We had a walk through the North Laines and saw some fun grafitti...

Do you see that stained glass window above the door???!

It's a man in a suit and tie!!!!

We saw some more skulls in a shop window too!

Then we came into a cafe and had a cayke!!  This one's a peanut one!

And we had a lovely coffee....

AND we had a spectacular milkshake!!



It didn't last long though....

We even licked the mug out!!

After that we had a wander back through town.  Arnty Vicky went home because she wasn't feeling very well.  Hope she gets better soon....

We found a shop that had a Cool Beans sign!

We found a cable box....

And found some more street art.

I like that one.....

Another cable box.....

And a funny ciggie butt box!!!
We had a lovely day out!

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