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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

We had Christmas, Part Two

When Andrea left the house yesterday to go see her parents, we noticed there was an extra present by the tree!!!  So we decided to open it!

OH!!  There's three of them!  That must mean it's one each for us!!!

Go on String Beanie, you go first!  You're the newest!!

CHOCOLATE!!!  Yummers!

Jelly's next!  Open this one!!!

Chocolate SOAP?????  We can't eat soap!!  Hmphfff......

Right then, let's get this one open.....

Crikey, this is a big heavy one......

OH WOW!!  A bottle of creme caramel drinkies!!
Right, well let's hide the caramel drink for when Andrea's asleep and then we can all share the chocolate and she can keep the soap for herself!!  Yeah, let's do that!!!

Those a brill presents!!!

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