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Thursday, 2 November 2017

We went to Colchester, day three

When we got up today, we noticed we were on Bob's calendar!!!  Huzzah!

We had toasted scrumpet and salted caramel sorce for breakfast.  It was yummers!!!

After breakfast, we helped Arnty Helena jazz up her living room table.

First she had to measure out some soft foam to put on the top.  We sat on top to stop it from slipping while she cut it down to size.

Once or twice, she pulled a bit too hard and we fell over!!!!

She's exhaustipated now....!

Yup.  That's well chewed....

Then we got the fabric out and staple gunned it to the bottom.  Arnty Helena did "Hospital Bed" corners on it, and everything!!!  We're impressed!!

Then we all had a frolic on it!!! which time we were hungry so we had some chocolate Hobnobs.

Arnty Helena had the last Pistachio Macaron from her birthday box we got her!!
She loves those!!

I also had some of that spiffy goats cheese we got the other day!! Mmm-MM!!

Bob gave Tango a new scarf!!  We've all got one now!

Then Uncle Kevin came home and he drove us somewhere!  That's Tango and Bob navigating!

We came here!!!

Flatford!!  Where's Flatford??

They got a totum pole over there!!

OH!  That's fun!

Oh wow!!!  That's where Constable painted the Hay Wain picture!!!!!

We made a video of it!

We all sat down for a good look!!

We had a wander round as well!  Arnty Helena had to help Andrea cross the bridge though, because it has holes in the sides.

Made another video

Then we decided to go for tea

We came here!!!

Well??  Where's the tea??

Ah!  We have tea!!!

AND SCONES!!!!  Wiv strawberry jam AND clottid cream!!!

Arnty Helena does it properly too - jam first then the clottid cream.
She's sensible.

Bob licked out the cream container because there was a bit left.

Then we had a little walk around - I left a CD on a railing!

When we got home, we studied our shopping.  Salted Caramel hot choccy and Mango chutney.

Arnty Helena put a hat on later and cooked basketti bolognaise for dinner.
It was proper YUMMY!!!!

Then we were so exhaustipated, we went to bed!!!