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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Beanie Mouse, Scrap Metal Merchant!!

We had a parcel waiting for us when we got home!!  Andrea said she'd got a Bargain on ebay!!

What is it???

Oh!  It's quite heavy and it rattles!!!

OH WOW!!  More scrap metal!!

Wow, there's loads!!!  Let's sort it out!!!

We got some chains....

And a metal box, ring, and bead things....

And lots of pendants that we can use!!  Excellent!!!

These pendants came on chains too....

And lots of little beads, small pendants, buttons, earrings and stuff....

Some bracelets but I don't know what we can do with those.....

And two brooches.
And two items from all of that would make good Christmas presents too!
Brilliant work!!!!!