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Saturday, 21 October 2017

It's my Birthday!!!

Today it's my birthday and we went out!!!

We rode a bus!  Where are we going???

We got off here near the seafront!!!

We're going to the Pier!!!!  Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky met us there and it was really blowy and windy!  Something to do with some fella called Brian blowing a hooley along the Channel.

Anyway, we'd saved up lots of 2p's and 10p's to play on the arcade games and Jelly Beanie was brilliant!!  He helped me win loads of prizes - and Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky hadn't won ANY!! we went to help them and then they won loads too and we won some more!  It was brilliant!!!

After we'd gambled all our 2ps and 10ps we decided to go to lunch.  We made a video of the waves on the beach!!

Uh-oh!  That sky doesn't look good....... 
All of a sudden it completely PEE'D it down with rain and maybe some hailstones and we all got soaked!!!  Well me and Beanie didn't because we hid under Andrea's fleece.  We're clever like that, you know.

We went to JB's American Diner for lunch!!! Except OUR JB (Jelly Beanie) is actually from Canada, but we'll make an exception for this place because the food's yum!!
Arnty Bev gave me some Fudge for a present!!!

And Arnty Vicky gave me some discs from Arnty Hev who couldn't be here today.  We love getting presents!!!!

We had another proper look at our stash!!!  Do you know what?  This is the first birthday party I've had with Jelly Beanie..... I mean, proper party!!

Fattie Rattie came too - here's all of us checking out our winnings.  We did well!!!
You know, there's me, Jelly Beanie and Rattie (three of us) and then there's three grown ups.  I think I'll be three years old for this birthday.  I don't think I've been three before, at least I can't remember being three......

Us and Arnty Bev shared a Black Forest milkshake and it was yumdiddly-UMPtious!!

I got to eat the cherry!!!

Then we ordered a burger - we shared ours with Arnty Bev again, so we got half a burger each and half the fries/chips each.

That's the burger from the other side.  That was Yum too!!!

And THEN, we had a salted caramel ice cream sundae between ALL of us with marshmallows and jelly and sprinkles on it!! That was FAB!!

I got the chocolate twirly thing because it was my birthday!!!
After that, we were all stuffed solid so we decided to go home!  What a fab party though!!!

We found some grafitti on the way....

After a spot of shopping we found the bus stop to go home.....

On our travels, we found a 20p coin on the pavement (in my treasure chest!) and a lost earring.  Well, it's found now....!

I've decided to give these keyrings to Bob (he likes beer) and Dilly (she likes pink and green sparkly things) next time I see them!

And that bracelet we won, I'm going to give to Arnty Hev as a present.
What a fun day out!