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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Interesting developments!!!

Remember last weekend we went up to London??  And we tied this CD to a railing?
Well the following day we got an email from a chap called Richard saying he'd found it near Euston station.

That's Richard with one of his drawings.  He's a homeless artist in London and he's managed to sell some of his drawings too!!!  We've been emailing over the week and apparently he's involved with a project called Cafe Art which (as one of their annual projects) gives disposable cameras to homeless people in London to take photos around London, and the best 12 pictures get put in a calendar - it's the My London Calendar and sells for £10 each.  They are provided with a stall at Spitalfields Market for a week from October 10th to sell the calendars, with 50% of the money going to the project and 50% going to the vendor.

From their website, it says "Cafe Art is a unique initiative showcasing artwork created by people affected by homlessness or are socially vulnerable.  However we encourage you to experience it yourself firsthand by exploring the many small, hardworking and independent London Cafes.  More than 20 cafes have given up wall space to exhibit these paintings.  With a latte in one hand, sit back, relax and enjoy."

They even have an expedition opening up at Qbic Hotel, 42 Adler Street, London E1 1EE starting 2nd October.

The My London 2018 calendars can be purchased online here 2018 Calendar and please can you name Richard Fletcher as the vendor...... that way, he can get the 50% sellers fee!

More info about Cafe Art is Here

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Culture, food and shopping.....!!

We got up early today, which is a bit weird for a Sunday. But it's not raining so we didn't mind!

Up the road, we went past the house that we rescued 40 books out of a rubbish skip on their drive, about 18 months ago.  They're doing it up now and the windows look much better!

When we got to the bus stop, we had a short wait for the bus.....

And we're off!

We gave them a CD!

We arrived at the station!  Where are we going today then?

(First we had to use the facilities..... but there was a 20p coin stuck in the entry machine so we poked that through and got in free!!!)  We gave them a CD as well!

Quite a nice clock there too....

Then our train platform got announced so we went to platform 5 and got on!!  We got a window seat and tied a tag onto the handrail!

We made a video for you!!!

We're coming into London now.....

I think that's the Shard building in the distance!!!

We got off here!!!  This isn't our usual station!!  We've never been here before!!!

It's London Bridge Station!!!

And that's the entrance to the Shard building offices!  We're not going in there though.....

We're going this way.....

We had to cross the road here - that colourful sign over the road is for Borough Market!  We've been there!!!

We made another video of Southwick Cathedral but  it came out sideways!!!  We don't know how to make it the right way up so you'll have to turn your computer screen sideways.  Go on, it's really easy....!!

Oh, there's our bus stop!

That's a sign about London Bridge but the words didn't come out too well in the photo

There's the Shard!!

Then our bus came and we crossed over the river!

We tied a CD to the hand rail again!!

OOOoohh!  We're on a diversion!!!  Where are we going?!?!?

We got off here on the Gray's Inn Road!  Where are we going now?

We went down this way, and left a floppy disc on the railing.....

And then spotted a sign pointing down this street.  So we went down this street!

We found some more manhole covers too! 

They're pretty!

Oh look!  It's the Charles Dickens museum!!

We left a bookcrossing book outside!

Do you think someone will take it??

We went in and got in free on our Art Pass!!!  We started at the basement - that's Mr Dickens' wine cellar but it was locked up.  That's not fair.

That sign didn't come out too good either.

We had a look in the kitchen as well, and particularly liked the jelly molds!!!

He had a posh cooker too!!!
We had a good look round and it was really interesting!  Afterwards we spent some money in the gift shop - we'll show you that stuff later!

We found another manhole cover too!

Then we went looking for somewhere to eat lunch and left another floppy disc on another railing!

We almost went that way but Andrea said it's the wrong way.

So we went this way past this posh building

It's the Goodenough College!

We left them a CD on their railings too!

Then we went down here....

BURGER AND SHAKE!  Lets eat here!!!!

NOOOOOOOO!!!  They're closed!!!!
Andrea said that the sign means they open at 12:30 so we only have to wait a little while.

So we sat outside and waited and left another CD on another railing!!!

Then when they opened, we went in and ordered lunch!
We got a salted caramel milkshake!


That was proper yummy with real icecream in it, and caramel sauce but we couldn't taste much salty bits.  But we still drunk it all though.  It would rude to leave any, specially since Andrea's paying.

Then we got a GI-NORMUS burger and it was YUMTASTIC!!!
This was way better than the Byron Burgers!!!  We're coming here again!!!

After lunch we had another little walk up the road.  Just as well really, we were all stuffed!!!

And we ended up over the road from the British Library!!!

I know where we are now!!!!!

We walked through the British Library courtyard.....

And ended up at St Pancras Station!!!

They have a fancy clock too!!!

We stopped at Fortnums so Andrea could do some shopping!

And then we used their facilities too!  They got a CD as well!!!

Do people really throw socks down the toilet??

Then we came back out onto the Euston Road.....

And went to get another bus!!

We left another CD there too!!!

And we're off!

We got off here at Aldwych.....

And then walked round the corner to here.... we got on a 15 bus which was really busy but we only had a few stops to go....

And we got off here to wait for a number 17 bus!

There's two doggies over there!!!  Fuzzy ones too!

We spotted a fancy top of a bollard thingy....

Oh, here we go!  We got on our bus and we're off!!!

We left them a weathergram!

We made another video crossing the Thames again!

And we're back at London Bridge station!!!  

Heck, that's a tall building......!

Now then..... oh!  15 minutes to go before our train leaves!  Let's go!

We got another window seat on our train home too!  They got a weathergram as well!

And we're off!!!

And before you know it, we're back home!!!

We just missed the number 6 bus home so we walked down the road a bit....

And got a free smoothie-slurpie!!!  It was pink flavoured, with winter berries, strawberries, mango and a bunch of other stuff that we forgot what he said.  But it tasted nice!!

we found some more grafitti stuff too!

Right, now where's our bus??

Our bus was busy but we got off here......

And had a short walk home!

Do you want to see our shopping?!?!?!??!

We got some more snazzy inks!  We already got another pack of 5 inks with different colours in, and we're going to take both of them up to Arnty Helena's when we visit and get her to pick five colours out of the ten and make it her birthday prezzie.  But don't tell her because it's a surprise!

We got some postcards.....

And a little badge and some Charles Dickens business card things!

Then we got some Fortnums coffee too!
What a fun day out!