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Thursday, 31 August 2017

We got mail!!!

We got a letter from America yesterday!!!

It had postcards in it!!!

And stuff from museums in New York!!!  What fun!
Thanks Lesa!!!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A trip to London!!

Yesterday was a public holiday over here but Andrea still made us all get up early!!!
We went to the bus stop and got a bus as far as..... where we found another grafitti's cable box!!!

Then we walked down here......

....and went up here.....

And saw an old Phono Graph box on the way!!!

And a space alien!!!

And then we got to the train station!!!

AND our train was ready waiting for us!  Hurrah!!!

We left them a tag!!

And we're off and away!

We arrived at Blackfriars train station in London but we're not getting off here...

We got off here at St Pancras!

We're not the same as everyone else!!!

And we're not lost either!  We know EXACTLY where we're going!!
Well, most of the time..... when Andrea tells us...... if she remembers......

We're going down here now!

And we met Paddington!

We made a quick pit stop to use the facilities and left them a weathergram!!!

And then we came onto Euston Road!  We have to go over there where that bus is!

Here we are!  Now, which bus are we getting??

THIS ONE!  They got a tag too!

And we're on our way!!

We got off here....

And went round the corner..... hang on!  We recognise that building!

Oh wow!  Look at those horses!


While Andrea had a good ol' browse for some stuff, we checked out the funky tiles!

And the statues!

We even made a sneaky video when Andrea wasn't looking!!!

And more funky tiles!  It's great in here!

Then we went off to get another bus

They got a tag too!

There's a Learner car!!

We got off here.....

And had a short walk to here, the V&A museum!!!

We left a bookcrossing book on one of their benches too!

Then we were getting a bit peckish so decided to go for lunch here!

We got a fizzy drink first..... those are pretty flowers aren't they?!

And a PIZZA!!  It had ham, mushrooms, olives, peppers and basil on it and it was YUM!!

After lunch we had a short walk round the corner, leaving another tag on a railing

And we found this proper fancy building!!  Isn't it brill!!

Here's down one side and those tiles by the windows are below....

The next portion of that side of the building, and the tiles by the windows are below....

Front of the building....

The other side of the building with the tiles shown below....

Then we went back to the bus stop to get another bus!

They got a weathergram!!

We're off!!!  When we got to near Pimlico Station, another bus came up behind which we needed to change to!!  So we quickly jumped off this bus onto the other one!!

And they got a tag!!!

This bus took us this way!!!

And we got off here!!!

Then all we had to do was cross the road to the Tate Britain and left another bookcrossing book on a bench to be found!!!

OH LOOK!!!  Oh can we come and see this???  We want to see this expedition!!

Then we went back to the bus stop and got ANOTHER bus!!!  We love riding buses!!!

This one took us back to Victoria Train Station!!!

But we're not getting a train!!!  We're getting another bus!!!

That one got a weathergram!

We made a little video too!

We got off here at Hyde Park Corner.....

Which is actually that bit there where the posh white gate thing is with the pillars.

And here, we waited for the last bus we needed to get!!!

Which arrived shortly after!!!

This bus took us past the British Museum!!!

And we finally got off here outside the British Library!!!

Then we went into St Pancras Station and picked up some goodies here that Andrea had ordered online!!  She got them On Sale at half the normal price!!!

Then it was time for us to go catch our train home!  What a fab day out!

Here we go!  Another weathergram tied to the seat in front!

I think this is a seriously short video because Andrea didn't press the "Go" button properly!
Honestly, can't get the staff these days....!

And we're off!!!

Later on, we arrived safely back in Brighton

and headed out for the last bus of the day!!!!

They got a weathergram too!!

When we got off, it was a short walk down here to get home!!!

This is what we got!!  Ploughman's relish and Cranberry sauce!

Two tins of Bis Kwits!!

And a jar of Lemon curd and a jar of Lime curd!
We're exhausted now!!!