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Monday, 3 July 2017

Look what we found!!!

Andrea came home with an oversized bottle today!!

And it's got money in it!!!

Wow!  There's loads!!!

We helped her sort it all out - this is American money

On the left is a euro coin, middle is an old English farthing and on the right is an English penny!  Andrea says the penny is ours!!

On the left, a 20 Isle of Mann, on the right a 15 cent Bahamas square coin!!

We're not sure what these are, although the one on the right MIGHT be Spanish.

These are Spanish pesetas but you can't spend them now because they're pre-Euro money

We're not entirely sure where these are from either, although the double headed eagle on the back is vaguely Russian we figure.

So - does anyone out there know where the unknown origin coins are from?  Does anyone out there collect coins?  Would you like some of these?!!