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Thursday, 27 July 2017

How to Eat Skittles, Smarties and M&M's properly

Last week, Andrea, Arnty Vicky, Arntie Bev and us had an argument on how to eat Skittles and M&M's properly.  Arnty Bev has been doing it wrong all along.  So we thought we'd write a post on how to do it properly..

First, open the packet of Skittles/M&Ms/Smarties

Then you sort them out into colours.

Pretty, aren't they?!??!?!!

Now, if these were Skittles, you'd eat them according to colour - your least favourite colour first, then the next least favourite and so on and then you'd have your favourite colour last of all, because it's your favourite!!!

However, with M&Ms and Smarties, you have to eat them in twos.  You can either have two bloo, two green, etc or you can have two colours that go together like one green and one yellow or one orange and one brown.

If you dig out a handful from the bag, like this - you can have two blue, two orange and two yellow and then you'd have to eat the green one on its' own and the red one on its' own, or put them back in the bag and pick out another handful.  OR you could have a green and yellow together, an orange and yellow together, an orange and red together and two bloo together.

And that's how you eat Skittles, M&Ms and Smarties properly.


  1. Which M&Ms? regular? peanut? almond? dark chocolate? pretzel? mint? peanut butter? coffee? We have oodles of varieties here...maybe we need to send some samples??

    1. Those ones are the regular chocolate ones, but we also have peanut and pretzel. WE don't have almond, mint, peanut butter or coffee.

    2. And samples are always good.....!!

  2. I agree - those look like just regular ones to me... but I like the peanut ones. What I want to know is... how do you share them with a friend? Like... if I like yellow more than green... will you swap them with me?

    1. I'd swap them but again, the colours would have to go. Like, I'd swap one of my yellows for one of your oranges or one of your greens.