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Friday, 21 July 2017

An evening out.....

This morning, Andrea brought us in to where she works.  We were put in charge of Pens.
We love Pens!!!

Later on, we helped with the tryping because sometimes Andrea spells things wrong.  We spell things wrong too but we do it funnier.

She has a Beanie calendar and this month, it's Beanie the Train Driver!!!

When we finished work, we got a Number 2 bus all the way into Brighton and tied a CD to a railing!

Then we got on a Number 18 bus and tied a CD onto that one as well!!!

We got off here at Pepper Pot.

And we found a pretty flower!!!

We went to see Arnty Vicky and we gave her two presents!  Arnty Bev was there too and we gave her a present as well!!!  Arnty Vicky gave us a present too - a minion that swings a ball and chain!!!
We ordered an Indian and a Chinese take away meal for dinner and we all completely stuffed our faces.  And still had left overs to take home!!!

We slept on the bus on the way home...... we're still stuffed!!!
That was a fun night out though!!!


  1. Wait a minute... are you two chilling in some stuffie-sized chairs??? Those look cool!

    1. Yeh!! We got them for Christmas last year!! Aren't they brill?!?!