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Sunday, 23 July 2017

A surprise day out....!!

Today started out as a normal Sunday where we got up when we felt like it and doodled about and had breakfast late.  Then all of a sudden Andrea said right, get a wiggle on, we're going out!!!

So we all traipsed up to the bus stop....

And got the bus here!!!

And our train was waiting for us!!!  Where are we going??!!!

We're going to London!!!  And we saw a little street market!!!

We decided to leave a floppy disc on the train too.....

Before getting off here at St Pancras station!!!

Where are we going now???

(We found a fire hydrant on our way down the road.  Bit random there, but heck.....!)

Oh!!  We're going to pop into the British Library first to pick up a couple of books.... and we tied a CD to their railing first!!

And then when we used the facilities, we left another CD on the door!

We met our favourite statue too!!

Apparently this one talks to you....

....if your phone recognises those gizmos, Sir Nutron who made the statue will ring you up!!!

Then we went over the road to get a Number 91 bus.....

We gave the bus a CD too!!

And we got off here at Aldwych!!  Where to now, Jeeves??

We went past this interesting building....

We're having lunch at Byron Burgers!!!

Yippee!!  We left them a tag in exchange for our lunch.

We got a fizzy drink...

Oh Well Done!!!  Andrea ordered us a burger!!!  Huzzah!!!

After lunch, we had to walk back to the bus stop and we spotted a bloo Plark over the road.

Charles Dickens wrote something there......coo...

OK..... so we got back to the bus stop.....

And we got a Number 4 bus and gave them a CD too!!!

And then we got off here.....

And walked down towards that dark grey building which is the Museum of London!!!

We went past here on the way.  What's Thanet House though....?

Oh!! We're here! Let's go this way!!!

Oh wow!  That's rather spiffy!!!

We left a tag on the railing....

And saw this sculpture on the way in!!
They had bag searches and one of them security scanner thingy that airports have that everyone had to go through.  A lady with her kiddy was in front of us and the kiddy had a scooter (he was about 10).  They put their bags on the search table and went through the scanner thing and left the scooter behind.  We were next and we didn't want it and neither did the lady behind us and neither did the people behind them.  Then a man said to us "Is this your scooter?" and we said hell no, our legs aren't long enough, we think it was that lady over there (Andrea pointed to the lady who'd walked off with her kiddy)  One of the other security people yelled at her "Is this yours?  Don't you want it?" and she turned round and said oh yeah, we will have it.  The security person said thank you to us for pointing out the owner.  Then they let us in for being helpful and we went to see an expedition about Junk which was about people in 1800s London recycling pottery and fabric and shoes and stuff.  It was really small, like four plexiglass boxes on stands, and that was it so it was a bit disappointing..... but we discovered that when pottery was broken, it was recycled and they used to use coal ash called "Breeze" to make bricks.  Andrea thinks that's where the term "breeze blocks" comes from in the house building trade.  After that, we went shopping and after that we left.

Those are Tudor Roses from the war of the roses between the Plantagenets and the Tudors, which the Tudors won, and Henry 8th used the white rose and the red rose as his Logo.  That's a gold Fleur de Lys in the middle which is used by the current Prince of Wales (I think) as his Logo.
Do I have a Logo, Andrea?  Cos I want one....

Then we walked back to the bus stop we got off at.....

And got another number 4 bus - we gave them a CD too!

And got off here.

Then we walked up  the road and round the corner to here to get a number 73 bus

That bus was really busy so we didn't get any photos on there but we got off here at Kings Cross station!

And then we walked round the corner to here.....

....with 8 minutes to spare before our train home!!!

HANG ON!!!  That sign says This Train is Not In Service!!!  How are we going to get home then???

Well, the train was actually working, so we left them a CD too!!!

And we got off here at Brighton!!!

We had to wait a bit for a bus, though..... and it was raining....

And then we got off here and walked home!!!

We got a book at the Museum of London!!!  Andrea thinks this was an expedition that Arnty Vicky and Arnty Bev went to see last year (Andrea forgot to take me, the silly moo!) but the book looks interesting....

And we got some fancy inks too!
That was rather a fun day out, that was!


  1. During the War of the Roses, papa's ancestor was knighted and fought for Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, but was beheaded after the battle of Hexham when Henry VI's forces lost. Did Beanie have any ancient relatives who fought in the War of the Roses?

    1. You've got a Sir in your family??! Wow!!! I don't know if we had any ancestors in the War of the Roses but we might've had some in the Tower of London.....

    2. Oooh... does that mean Jerry and Ben are Sirs as well??? Coo!

      Fantastic day out Beanie... although that talking statue was a bit weird...

    3. Talking statues are weird, you think?? Some people think that talking mice are weird but we're not. We're perfectly normal. Mind you, statues that ring you up on your mobile phone is a bit odd....