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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mail from Jerry and Ben

We got a postcard from Jerry and Ben today!!!

They went on a fancy boat!!!!!
What fun!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mail from Sandy!!!

I got a postcard ALL FOR ME!!!  It's from Sandy in Canada!!

They went to visit somebody called Prince Rupert!!  I didn't know they had royalty in Canada.....

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hammie sent us a drain cover photo!!

Hammie sent us a photo of a Dutch drain cover!!
It's really pretty!!!

Friday, 16 June 2017

We got a surprise package!!!

When we got home there was a package waiting for us!!!  We think it's from Sullivan!!
What's in it??


Lots of dinosaur stickers!!!

And a card....!

That's funny!

We got a plastic bag!!!!  How exciting!

We think that's a jigsaw puzzle.....

And another bag!

We got sunglasses and a badge!

and loads of postcards and bookmarks.....

And another bag!

And MORE stickers!!!

And wrapping paper and notebooks....
Wow!!!  What an amazing stash of stuff!!
Thanks Sullivan!

We went to Lewes

Today, Andrea took us to Lewes so we could sit in on a Crown Court case and see what happens.  It was really interesting.  The first one was the Judge summing up the evidence on a road traffic accident where an articulated lorry had tipped over flattening a car, with the driver of the car still in it.  That was nasty.  Then we heard the sentencing of a man who'd been waving an imitation gun around in the street.  That chap was angry.  After that we went to lunch


Bev an Jelly Beanie helped me look but we didn't find any.

We got rabbit ears as well as mouse ears!!!

Honestly, we can't take these people anywhere......

Bev thought it was funny though.

Then we got the drinks in.  We got a fizzy cola.....

Vicky got a glass of wine.....

And Bev got an elderberry fizzy drink.

Then we got some food!!!  We got a classic American pizza.....

Vicky got a big pizza with extra anchovy

And Bev got pasta with three shrimp in.

Andrea and Bev had an argument.  No idea why.....!

That's Vicky.  She's a bit strange.  A lot of Andrea's friends are a bit strange......

Then we got pudding.  We got salted caramel profiteroles and a coffee.  The profiteroles were revolting, you won't like them.  No, really you won't.  Really.  Leave them for us.  No, it's OK, we don't mind.  It's our civic duty.....

We're stuffed now....

Did you just burp??

No.  Did you just fart?

After the grown ups paid the bill we went for a walk up the hill and found a versatile Beanie sign!
AT LAST!!  Recognition of our capabilities!!

Then we spotted a pretty wrought iron thingy.

Don't know what it's called but it's pretty....

We found a new manhole cover too!!!
Then we went home.

We'd bought some artisan olive oil today which we're looking forward to using!

And we got an Indian woodblock too!  We're looking forward to using this!
What a lovely day out!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Final birthday package!

Today we got another package from Amazon!!

It was the last book we'd ordered from the birthday gift voucher we got!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Little walk around Brighton

Today Andrea had the day off work because she had to go see the dentist.  She has to go again tomorrow to get a filling.  So this afternoon, we took her out to cheer her up.  First we found some grafitti!!

And we ended up here!!!

and then came here, to Brighton Museum and Art Gallery!!  We've never been in here and we think it's about time.

And besides, they've got a Constable expedition on at the minute!!!

We got in free on our Art Pass instead of paying £5.25 and they gave us a sticker.  Then we went upstairs and saw the expedition and it was really good!!!  All the pictures were of Brighton and Hove and some of Shoreham, mostly on the seafront, and they were really good!  We loved it so much we bought the expedition book!!!

We had a little walk through the Pavilion Gardens after, and had a look at the pretty flowers...

That one has a bumble bee in it!!!!!

On the way to the bus stop we saw a Panda Bear....

....and another skull!
That was a nice afternoon out, that was!