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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Travel to Oxford Day One

Today me and Jelly Beanie packed up the suitcases!!  We're going on a trip!!

We walked up the road...... the bus stop....

....and came to the train station!!!


We're going on a trip!!!!

It's so exciting!!

Here we are coming into Blackfriars station in London!  We're not getting off just yet though....

We got off here at St Pancras station!

We used the facilities first and left a CD!

And then we came out on Euston Road!

Posh eh?!

Then we crossed the road to catch a 205 bus.

When it arrived, we tied a weathergram to it!!

We're off!!!

After quite a long ride, we got off here....

At Paddington Station!!!  We've never been here!!

That's Isambard Kingdom Brunel!!  He was an engineer and built lots of tunnels under the Thames and loads of suspension bridges and stuff!  He was clever!

And THEN we met Paddington Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's a legend!!!

Then we had to go get another train!

Oh wow!  Wonder where we're going!

We made another video....

And got off here at Oxford!!!

Then we walked round the corner to here!

A youth hostel!!!

We got a room on the second floor with no lift and the only bed was a top bunk.  

The window looks out onto the train tracks...... which might not be a good thing.

Hmm.  Well looks OK.....

Then we went for a wander round.....

And met a big bull outside the train station!

Those are interesting looking stairs!

Oh wow!!  Is that the river Thames then??

There's a castle and prison!!!!

We decided to sit down for a bit here..... it's really nice!

We had a bit of a nose round.....

And left a bookcrossing book on one of the benches!!
(Ed's note: this has since been nabbed and journalled  on the bookcrossing website and ended up going to York via Durham!)

We had another wander into the town centre and saw some pretty things!

Including a fancy clock!


On the way back, we saw a Korean restaurant!  One of Andrea's friends likes Korean food!

Oh, there's that river again!!

It's very pretty around here.....

By now, we were getting hungry so we decided to eat dinner here, at The One.  It's Chinese Fusion cooking apparently.....

First, we had a Wong Lo Kat drink..... or was it called a Wong Kat Lo drink??  We can't remember but it was nice!!

Then we had eight grilled tiger prawns with noodles and a mango salad and it was YUMMY!!

we got a fortune cookie too!

We're going to get a new opportunity today apparently!!

Then we said goodnight to the Dragon on our way out!!!

We were totally shattered so we then went to bed!!!

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