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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Travel to Oxford Day two

Well....... last night wasn't too fun.  Turns out there was a school group from Germany staying at the hostel last night and all the kids were being ridiculously noisy, running around squealing loudly.  On top of that, because the weather was so hot, we had the bedroom windows open which meant the noisy trains kept us awake....... and when Andrea got up for breakfast, her ear was sore and ringing loudly already.  Then at breakfast, we sat down with our cornflakes and the children came in and sat on the same table.  So we moved tables.  And more children came in and sat on THAT table.
So then we decided we'd move to a little hotel up the road...... we booked it on our kindle first.....

And then decided we'd all go out and have a fab day!!!!!

First we left a CD on the bull by the station!!!

And then got a ticket for the City Tour bus!!!  We can get on and off as many times as we like ALL DAY!!!

There's the bus over there!!!  LET'S GO!

We tied a weathergram to the bus....

....and then set off!!!

We got off here at Magdalen College.  They say it Mordlin College though.  Don't know why.
They're weird....
Correction.  It's Christchurch College!!!

It's posh though innit?!

Since we didn't really have a proper breakfast we decided to stop for tea and cayke.
Well it would be rude not to!!!

We got a little biscuit too!

That's the entrance to the college.  If we wanted to walk round the square on the inside of the entrance we had to pay £8.  Andrea said that was "Rip Off Central".

So we had a wander and then got back on the bus!!!

We made a video!

We got off again here.....

And had a wander round.

We decided to go look at some of the shops since we seemed to be in the centre of town now.

We found a Wol!


We went in!!!  We spent some money AND we got TWO free samples!!!

We found a new drain cover too!!

That's the Ashmolean Museum over there!!!

We went in for a look round - they had a spiffy projected picture on the floor!!!

That was interesting in there!!!

We had another look round and then....

.....went to find the bus stop again.....

We found the spot where some people got burnt at the stake.....

It's that bit there.....crikey.....

I can't remember where this is, but it's ever so pretty!!!

We found some grafitti too!!

After we got on the bus, we got off again here.....

At the Natural History Museum!!

They got dinosaur footprints here!!

Oh wow!!!

At the back of the Natural History Museum is the Pitt Rivers Museum and it was AMAZING!  This guy collected everything!  He was one of those obsessive hoarder people you see on the telly!

There's some brill stuff in here!

I like the donation box too!  It clanged when you put money in it!

They had fancy door handles too!

we had a sit down outside and left a book on the bench!

And then went back to the bus stop!

We got on the next bus and left them a weathergram too!

And we got off here!!

We were getting hungry so we had a wander round to find somewhere to eat.

We decided to go in here.... it's called Cosmos I think....

It was a "Help yourself at the buffet" type place and Andrea said we could choose the food!!  So we had egg fried rice, deep fried mushrooms, cheeseballs, coleslaw, hash browns and a slice of pizza.
And a fizzy drink!!!!!

And then for pudding, we had these two caykes!!

Then we went off and got back on the bus again!

And went back to the station!!!

Then we decided to go back to the youth hostel and collect our stuff.... we told the reception people the noise was hurting our ears and they offered to put us in a different room (one of the other people in our room had already moved in there from another room so it seems the whole hostel was affected by noise!) but we said no, we're going.

Then we walked 100 yards up the road to here, the River Hotel.

We got a room all to ourselves on the first floor!!!

Oh how exciting!!!

And a little sink in the corner so Andrea can brush her teeth!!!
(we had a private bathroom too, but that was across the corridor.  Only we had the key to get in there though)

There's the view....

AND a TV by the bed!!!

Oh this is more like it!!!!!

After we'd had a cup of tea, we had a look at our shopping.  We got a book from the Pitt Rivers museum.

And some hot chocolate from the Fudge place - salted caramel and tangy orange!

Later on, we decided to have another wander round to work up an appetite for dinner.

So we went back towards town....

And sat down by the river for a bit.  We left a weathergram on the railing.

Coo - wonder what's up there....

We found another drain cover too!

Then we realised that the tour buses were still operating so we decided to use our ticket to go all the way around but without getting on and off!!!

We got on a bus at the station and sat on the top deck at the front!!!

Oh this is a better view!!!

Oh what fun!!!

We made a video of it too!!!

Oh wow!!!

Gosh it's so pretty here!!!

Oh, I remember this bit!!!


Here's another video!

Oh yeah, we're back here again!

Going back towards the station......

And that's the end of the tour!!!
We're really hungry now.....

So we went back here for dinner!!!!!

We had a ginger beer.


Somebody put up happy birthday banners!!!
How did they know it was Andrea's birthday???

We had tiger prawns with ginger and spring onions with egg fried rice and a little salad on the side.
That was YUMMM!

And we had a pudding too - two scoops of icecream, mint and choccie with some biscuit thingigs and a choccie straw and some fruit.

And then it was just a short walk up the road.....

Wow..... what a day!


  1. Woo hoo...we stayed at The River Hotel in 2013. It was Great! And the peeps are very friendly. And breakfast was great. And they have real Tea! Check out lodging at the Colleges for your next trip, we enjoyed that on a couple of previous trips.

    So glad you are having a good time

  2. Glad you had a brilliant time in my beloved Oxford. Just a small detail, it's Christchurch College in your first photo's not Magdalen, that's down by the river opposite the Botanical Gardens. As Gus says you can stay in the colleges, that's what I do now via Univercity Rooms website.

  3. Wow! You sure know how to pack a lot into a day! Thanks for the great tour of Oxford. Those school kids in the hostel obviously do not have stuffies to keep them under control!