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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bling and chocolate!!!

Today Andrea had to go to Lewes for some boring work thing.  We didn't want to go because we were still soggy from yesterday (it's been raining here) but we made sure Andrea had a camera so she could show us what she did.  Arntie Bev took a cupcake home with her.  I hope we get cayke.

There was a pretty tree outside where she went..... it's got pink blobs on it!!

Andrea left another bookcrossing book out.  Hope someone takes it....

After that she went to the flea market.  She found a vintage Japanese chocolate mould but it cost £55 otherwise we'd be making chocolates this weekend!!!

She also found about 5 or 6 Indian woodblocks for printing - the cheapest one was about £25!!!  Can't afford all of them either which is a bugger!!

After that she came home.  It was raining.....

When she got back, the first thing she did was show us our dinner.....
Andrea's fab!!

She also showed us what she bought at the flea market!!

Two bracelets and two necklaces for £2 altogether....

and a HUGE bag of bling for £4!!!!

Those are all the necklaces..... me an Jelly B are wearing one each, as well!!!

Those are the bead necklaces.....

Those are the odd earrings....

There's a couple of pendant-y things too....

AND some banglies!!!
OH WOW!!!!

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