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Sunday, 28 May 2017

A week's worth of birthday mail.....

The first birthday card we got came from America.....


Oh, it's got cut-outs!!


Oh that's fun!

Then we got a little package

That was full of needle-threaders!  These are rather handy!

Then we got another package!!

It's a present from Arnty Helena!!!

It's a cupcake!!

Oh hang's an Amazon gift card!!  Oh what fun!!

Then we got another package!!!

This had cards in from Bob and Dilly!  They used their own postage stamps them!!!

That's a card from Dilly!!

And this one's from Bob!!

Oh funny!

And that one was made specially by Arnty Helena!!!

And lastly, we got this package today!!!

Which was a big supply of CDs from Julie!
That's quite a haul!!