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Sunday, 7 May 2017

A little walk.....

Andrea was being really boring today so me and Jelly B went over the road to play the arcade games!
This is the crazy golf course!

It would be fun to play this!!

Then we went on the 2p shuffle board game.

And we won a prize!!!!  We're going to send this one to a friend of ours who loves ladybugs!

Hang on - that's not a seagull.....

We made a little video of the sea.  It was out.

He's still there, you know.....

On our way home, we found a mosaic we'd not spotted before

And then we spotted a skull!!

....and more skulls!  they were a bit creepy......


  1. Cool!! I know a little stuffie in Holland who would love that ladybug thing!!