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Sunday, 28 May 2017

A week's worth of birthday mail.....

The first birthday card we got came from America.....


Oh, it's got cut-outs!!


Oh that's fun!

Then we got a little package

That was full of needle-threaders!  These are rather handy!

Then we got another package!!

It's a present from Arnty Helena!!!

It's a cupcake!!

Oh hang's an Amazon gift card!!  Oh what fun!!

Then we got another package!!!

This had cards in from Bob and Dilly!  They used their own postage stamps them!!!

That's a card from Dilly!!

And this one's from Bob!!

Oh funny!

And that one was made specially by Arnty Helena!!!

And lastly, we got this package today!!!

Which was a big supply of CDs from Julie!
That's quite a haul!!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Birthday Treat!!!

At lunch time today we met up wiv Arnty Bev an Arnty Vicky and went shopping!!!  Arnty Vicky took us to Cass Art shop and said we can get Andrea's birthday present!!!  (we'll show you what she picked later!)  After that we went for tea and then had a mooch around before we had  A Big Surprise!!!

.....which was a posh Afternoon Tea at Browns restaurant!!!!
Oh wow!!!

First we got our pot of tea.....

And then a big Cayke Stand wiv loads of goodies on!!!!

We started off with the brioche sandwiches...... they were nice!

Then we had scones with jam and cream!!!!  This one's the plain one....

And this one's the fruit one!

Then we had a cherry moosse..... that was Yumtastic!!

And THEN we had the cayke!!!!!


And then finished up with the salted caramel profiterole!!!!!

We're completely STUFFED!!!  We had to go home to sleep it all off!!!

This is the marbling kit that we got from the art shop!

We're very lucky to have Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky!!!!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Travel to Oxford Day Three

This morning we woke up and Andrea's ears didn't hurt!!!  Hurray!!!!  After having a tea in our room, we came down for breakfast and had cornflakes an orange juice

We got proper coffee too!!!  Excellent!!

AND we got scrambled eggs and toast!!!  We've never had that for breakfast and it was yummy!!!

Then we had to go and pack our stuff up because it was time to go home.
We've had such a fun time though!!!

We remembered to take a picture of the stained glass by the front door - it's really pretty!

And then it's just a short walk down here..... the train station!

Not long for our train either.....!

And we're off!!!

Oh wow, it's so pretty!

We tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!

And made a little video too!

Back in London, we caught up with Paddington Bear again!!!

We had a good ol' chat too!  See - we even do the "Bear Slouch" just like he does!!
He's a legend!!!

Then it was off to the bus stop.....

To get the 205 bus back to St Pancras.

We gave them a weathergram too!

We're off!

We saw some interesting buildings too.....

And then we got off here!!!

And it was another short walk down the road to here.....!
We did a spot of shopping at the Fortnum & Mason's shop first.

And then went to the train station for a short wait for our train!!!

And we're off!!!

We made another video....!

And got off at Brighton!!

Then we hopped on another bus!

....not far to go now!!

And a short walk home from the bus stop!!
We're sad to leave Oxford but we'll be glad to sleep in our own bed!!!
That was fun!