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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Year of the Llama - 2017

Personality of The Llama
The Llama is rather a sulky bad tempered chap and only improves his mood when presented with impeccable manners from his visitors.  Anything less results in a spit in your face, usually your eyes.  They originated in South America so they're fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and usually live in herds.  They're known for being very shaggy and occasionally trade their fur for a well cooked 3 Michelin starred dinner.  Served on the best china, of course.

Famous Llamas
Dalai Llama
Llama Karma Chameleon

Patron saint of the Llama I think is Saint Blaise - Information about him  is St Blaise - he's the patron saint of animals, vetenarians, Paraguay and wool workers, amongst others.

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