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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Treasure box....

Last year, I started putting money into my treasure box!  Every time we found a coin on the pavement (sidewalk) Andrea said that was mine and I could have it!!!

Wonder how much I've got.....?

Gosh, there's lots of paper money!!!  Asta gave me some of that when I visited her in Budapest though, so we're keeping that.

All this stuff we've found all over the place, some of it in Amsterdam!!  And that's the first plastic £5 note we were ever given so Andrea says I can keep that for posterity.  What's a posterity??

I also found some rusty washers, a key and a medallion

These 50p coins have got different pictures on, so I'm going to keep them in posterity too.  I think a posterity is like a coin album that you keep posh coins in.

These ones are £2 coins and they've all got different pictures on  too

These ones are foreign.  The copper ones are American.

These ones are Euro money.

I sold them to Andrea for 30p!!!!!

And this is all the English money that's my spending money!!!

We counted it all out and I got £13.54p!!!!!!
I'm rich!!!!!


  1. Wah!! You are rich... what are you going to buy?

  2. I don't know yet. Andrea's taking me somewhere next week so I think we might go shopping!!!

  3. THe real question is what are you going to buy Andrea?

    1. Why would I buy her anything??? It's not her birthday...... and anyway, she has her own money!!!!!