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Saturday, 25 March 2017

A trip to London and Colchester, day two

On Thursday 23rd March we got up early for breakfast!!  The coffee was revolting though but the rest of it was good!!!

We made use of the facilities and left them a CD....

And then we headed out!!!

First of all we went into St Pancras station to get some Important Shopping

And then we went to get a bus!!!

We left a weathergram on the bus too!

And we're off!!!

Suddenly a couple of people jumped up from their seats on the bus and ran down to the bus driver saying why didn't you tell us about the diversion?  Aren't you going to Liverpool Street Station??  We're going there, let us off!!!  Since that's where we're going, we got off the bus too, and followed them down this road!!!

And ended up here at Liverpool Street Station!!  Huzzah!!

We got our tickets printed off....

And then left a bookcrossing book bu this statue!!!

We said hello to Bob T Bear's grayte grayte grayte grayte grayte Grandbear Wrsczsczszvsczcsczcsczcszcslav.  He's from Lodz in Poland.  He was in the resistance during the war you know.  He's a legend.

We got on a train and tied a weathergram to the chair in front!!

We made a video going past Stratford olympic park!!!
Then we got to Colchester Station and then got a taxi and went.......

We got lots of presents!!!  Tango got an orange from Bob, George got a Kinderegg from Dilly and Beanie and Jelly B got a chocolate lollililililipop!!!  Even Andrea got presents!!!

Then we got CAYKE!!!!!!
Arnty Helena whipped up some cream to put in them.....

Oh they're good caykes you know.....

Andrea brought some fingerless mittens for Arnty Helena but she can't wear wool, so Bob and Dilly had one mitt each as a sleeping bag.  Well, Dilly says hers is an incubation bag.  Bob's going to use his for a sack race!!

Then we all sat down for cayke!!!!

There's George tucking in.....

That's my lollilililililipop!

Bob liked our bag with our paints in too!  We like Panda Bears!!
Andrea and Arnty Helena then started making stuff with clay so while they were busy.....

Bob drove Tango round the coffee table in the living room a few times!!  That was fun!!

Then we met up with Bob's bear gang.  There's lots of them....

That's ALL of us!

George and Dilly payed with some wind up toys too!!

Then ALL OF A SUDDEN it was time to leave!!!  
Bob and Tango did the navigating to the train station and then we all had a big group hug at the station.
We hate leaving - we had SO MUCH FUN today!!!  We want to come again!!  And sooner than two years time!!!

Then our train came along and we got another window seat!

We video'd a very pretty sunset too, on the way back.

And here we are at Liverpool Street Station again!!

Oh this is our bus stop!

We had to wait a while for the bus but it came along and we got on!

And got off at Kings Cross station!

We were starving hungry and went for pizza!

we got a fizzy drink.....

And an American classic pizza (that's a pepperoni to you an me!).  It was a bit gooey though, not as nice as Pieroni pizza.

Then we went back to the hostel

And went straight to bed!
What a fab day!!!

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  1. Wow! That was quite the day out. Glad you didn't get lost in Bob's hug, Woodstock is always overwhelmed by the numbers, so many little ones under paw.