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Friday, 24 March 2017

A trip to London and Colchester, day one.

On Wednesday 22nd March, Andrea said we're going on holiday and put us in charge of packing!!

And off we went....! the bus stop!  We didn't have to wait long......

And we got on the bus we needed!  We left them a weathergram!!!

And we're off!!!  Weather's a bit miserable though.....

And we got off here at the train station!

We got a window seat too....

And discovered George and Tango were coming too!!!  BRILLIANT!

Here's a video we made on the train!!

We left them a CD!!

Here's another video of the train ride!!

We're coming into Blackfriars station here but we didn't get off....

We got off here at St Pancras!!!

Oh are we staying here???

We checked in and got a bed in room 204.  We were the first people to check in so we nabbed a bottom bunk!!!  Those are easier to get into when you've got little legs like us lot!

That's the view from our window!

And there's the British Library!!

Then we decided to go out - they have brilliant lift (elevator) doors here!!!

That's the other one!!

We got on a bus outside Kings Cross station....

Left them a CD too!

There's the Blackfriar pub!!!  WAAAAIIIITTT!!!! What?  We're not going in??

We went back over Blackfriars Bridge....

And got off here!  We had to go down some stairs from here....

And had a look at the view....

Then we walked along to the Tate Modern - we're going to see this Expedition!!!  We got in half price to see this too, on our art pass!

There it is!!!  LET'S GO IN!!

Well that was kind of interesting!!!  He's a bit bonkers that Robert Rauschenberg fella.  He's sort of a mix between Joseph Cornell, Andy Warhol and Tracy Emin.  Some of his pictures are quite fun and I liked them.  Some of the other ones are a bit weird!!!!

Then we decided to make our way back to the youth hostel..... the tide was out and we saw sand at the bottom of the Thames!!

There's a few shingle pebbles too....

We went to the bus stop on the bridge.  Whilst we waited for the bus, there were about four Police vans that raced past with all the sirens and lights blaring.... dunno what that was about though.  Odd.

When the bus turned up, we got on and left them a CD too!

We got off here by Kings Cross station......

.....and saw this funny building!!

Then we left a book at the British Library courtyard!

That's a lovely building that is....
We stopped in at the youth hostel to try and get online but our little android hudl thing doesn't like the wifi cloud thing that they use at the hostel.  We sent a text to a friend complaining about it, and she texted back in a blind panic saying "OMG are you OK, there was a big attack, OMG are you OK!!!"  Andrea thought "what??  Eh??"  Then we went and looked at the TV screen in reception which was showing the news and we then went "OOOHHHHH!!!"
(Ed'd note: it was the Westminster car attack that happened on Westminster Bridge around the time we were coming out of the Tate Modern!)

We decided to have a little stroll before dinner to work up an appetite and left a couple of CDs out.
(Ed's note: this one's already been found and claimed!)

We left this one out as well!!

We decided to go in here!!

Andrea let us have a glass of vino!!  We had to share it with her though - but she let us have a few schlurps of it!!!

We had pan fried salmon with a bucket of fries and it was totally YUMMERS!!!

On the way out we spotted their menu says they have cheddar cheese from the isle of Mull!!!

We decided to have pudding back at the hostel.
We had cayke!

And then we went to bed!!!
We're exhaustipated!!!

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