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Sunday, 5 February 2017

We had a day out!!!

This morning, Andrea said we were going out!!  We had a few plans for things to do, but hadn't decided on which one yet.....

First we got a bus....

And off we went!

And arrived at the train station....

Just in time to get a train!!  We tied a tag onto the seat in front!

And made a viddy-oh of part of the ride!!

We had low flying clouds when we got into London....

And then we made a very long viddy-oh which was too big to put straight onto blogger so we made a Yoo Toobe viddy oh here Beanie's Train Ride   You can stop it after 2 and a half minutes though, because we didn't know we were going to stop for so long at Blackfriars!!!

Then we made a little viddy oh of when we left Blackfriars!!!!

When we got into St Pancras Station, we left a bookcrossing book on the seat on the platform!!!

Then we set off down the road.  As we were already hungry, we decided to go shopping!!!

So..... off to the bus stop!

And we tied a CD to the rail too!

We're off!!

And we got off here!  This is Islington Green - this is in the Street Cat called Bob movie!!

We found some street art too.....

And then we arrived here!!!

My favourite art shop!!!  Andrea let us spend some of her money in here, it was great fun!

Then we went back to Islington Green and left another book on a bench!

There's that sculpture again!

We made another viddy oh!!

Then we got another bus....

We gave them a CD too!

OK, we're off....

We got off here and nipped into the British Library..... use the facilities!  They got a CD too!

Then we got another bus.....

....and got off here....

And came here for lunch!!!  HURRAY!

We started off with a yummy dip and some olives.

Then we had a Taboulleh salad - that was yum!!

And then we had a chicken shish with couscous....yummmm!

After lunch we walked down to Tottenham Court Road (we didn't go to the Museum we planned to go see because there was a big 10K run from Bank, St Paul's Cathedral, past Trafalgar Square down to Westminster Abbey so all the buses were stopping short and the Underground would've been packed)

And then got another bus.

We gave them a CD as well!

We're off!

And we're back towards the Station!

Just in time to get the next train back home!!!

We made some viddy oh "shorts" for you....

We're just coming up to the South Downs now....

And back at Brighton Station!  What a fun day out!!

There was a bus waiting for us outside the station so we gave them a tag!

We saw snowdrops in a front garden on the way home too!

.....we're home....!


  1. We love your days out! Jerry would like to know if there is a special train ticket price for a mouse? or a bear?

    1. Don't tell anyone but we don't buy train tickets because we hide in Andrea's pockets!!! (But for this trip, she got her own sooper dooper off peak ticket for £10.80 return!)