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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Jelly Beanie's first Christmas!

Today's Christmas and Andrea says we have presents to open!  Jelly Beanie's never had Christmas before so he's really excited!  The first one is this sparkly bag!

What's in it???

OOOoo!!  Some Whittards Luxury hot chocolate!  Yum!

A Lush Santa bath bomb!  Andrea can have that.......

And a chocolate orange!!!  That's not Terry's.  That's MINE!!!

We opened the box from Bob T Bear and Dilly next

OOOOOOooooooo!!!  Drinking Fudge with marshmallows!!!!  YUMTASTIC!

This one's next.....

Oh wow!  A boxing glove and a smelly candle... excellent!

we got a little mousie to put on the skirting board from Diane!

And some bubbles for Jelly Beanie!!!

Then we opened Billy Brown's present......

Oh wow!!!  I love it!

This one from Bev's next.....

Oh wow!!!

A big box of Bis Kwits!!  Excellent!!

What's this one???

A mug full of chocolates!!!  HURRAAAYYY!!!

The last one was a parcel that we weren't allowed to open till today.....

Oh wow!  It's stuffed full of stuff!!!

We got this bookcrossing book

And another bookcrossing book....

And ANOTHER bookcrossing book!!!

And a pair of bookworm socks!!!!!

And chocolates!!!

And candles!!!!!


And some post-it notes and a flowery badge!!!!!

AND some fancy papers!!!

AND a candle holder with a little candle in it!!!!!!

Then it was time for breakfast!!!

We had a glass of champagne and hot croissants!!!  Yum!!

A bit later on it was time to go to Andrea's parents for lunch.....

We saw some decorations in shop windows....

And a big Christmas tree!

Coo, that's an interesting building!

And that's a synagogue!

We left a bookcrossing book in the park too!  (when we came home later, someone had taken it, too!)

We saw a new grafitti'd cable box too!

Dad cooked a turkey in his new kitchen!!!!!

Lunch was FANTABULOUS!!!!  We had turkey, stuffing, chestnuts, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts an gravy and we had seconds!!!

For pudding, we had mince pies, whipped cream and brandy butter.  That was yumtastic too!!!

Later on, we staggered home and found another new grafitti cable box!

At Andrea's parents house, we got a box of choccies.....

a tin of Earl Grey teabags...

Macadamia nut and choccie chip bis kwits....

Salted caramel bis kwits!!

and fudge from Highgrove Estate.  That's run by some ol' Charlie.....
What a brilliant Christmas....!


  1. Are you SURE that two little mouses can finish all of that delicious looking food? We know a couple of very friendly little bears who could help out...

  2. Holy moly... you two sure scored some awesome presents! With nice tins too!