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Monday, 17 October 2016

Big Trip to London, day three

Today we're going home.  :o(  We've had a brilliant weekend though!!
So after we tucked into breakfast (we had toast as well) we went and packed up our bags.

After checking out, we had a go on the video making gizmo on our tablet.  This is the view from the youth hostel reception looking onto Euston Road!

Then we went up to the bus stop opposite St Pancras station.....

It's the 73 we want today.  (We got the 91 yesterday with Sandy Bear!!!)

We left a CD on the rail too!

First we had a seat at the back of the bus and watched the taxi keeping up with us!!!

Later on, we moved to a forward facing seat on the bus..... we're going down Oxford Street here!

That's that fancy building in Park Lane!!!

And we got off here!!!

In the station they had a Snowdog!!!

It's the Brighton Belle!!!

He's got the Beach painted on him!

It was a bit difficult taking a picture of his bum though, because he was parked right up against the wall.

You can see us hiding behind the tail!!!!!

This is where we're going Jelly - you're coming to live in Brighton wiv me and Andrea!

And we'll take you to see that Palace too!

Then we walked down to the coach station...

And we got a window seat too!

And we're off!!!

We're going past the Thames now....

It's pretty here.....

Now we're going over the river!!


Then we got the Jaffa caykes out - Jelly said he'd never eaten one of them....

......but decided they were proper yum!!!

Hmm..... started to get a bit grey now.....

And we put another CD on the coach too!

Then it started raining really heavily!!!

But we were nice and dry on the coach though!!

Oh, the sun's coming out though.....

Here we are!!!  We're in Brighton!
You're home now, Jelly Beanie!!!

OH!  Hang on!

We found another Snowdog - Horatio!!!

He's blue and white stripy, just like US!!!


He's our favourite snowdog!!

Then we saw some more skulls in a shop....

and then we got a bus back home!

It's not far now, Jelly - just down this road!!

Once we got all settled in, we got our shopping out.  We got some salted caramel hot choccie....

And we got Macadamia nut bis kwits in a pink tin and digestive bis kwits in a green tin

And we also got some Macarons in a cat box!
We're going to use the cat box as "gift wrap" for Arntie Helena's birthday present!!!
She'll like that!

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