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Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Big Trip to London, day one

This morning we got up really early, which was weird for a Saturday.

Andrea said we were going somewhere for Something Important..... first we got the bus.

We got off here and then walked round the corner....

And found some more skulls in a shop window!!!

And then we ended up at the train station!!!

We found another Snowdog by the station!!!

He's got a colourful bum!!

....thank you for agreeing with me!!

He's funny, this one!

And that's his name!

When we got on the train, I found Tango and George had come with us!

We left a tag tied to the table!

......and we're off!

We're crossing the river at Blackfriars station!!!

And we got off here!!!

We're going that way now.....

And we're staying here!!  It was too early to get into our room but we left our bags in the locker room and then dashed out again.....

First we whizzed into the British Library

And found Anne Frank's tree!

We left a bookcrossing book nearby!

and said hello again to this chap!

And then we got on a 205 bus.....

We're off!

we saw some interesting tiles!

And left a CD on the bus!!!

We got off at Liverpool Street Station and checked with the information desk about trains to Colchester for tomorrow.  The internet said there were direct trains to Colchester town that took an hour and ten minutes but the chap at information said no, the internet lied.  We'd need to get the Underground and then a bus and THEN a train and it would take two hours one way!!!!  OH NO!!

Then we tried to get a bus somewhere else but couldn't find the right stop, so we got the Underground instead.....

And got of here at the Tower of London!!!!

There's that funny Shard thing in the distance!

Now then...... we need to find someone.......

OH WOW!!!!!!!!!  It's JELLY BEANIE!!!  My Long Lost Cousin!!!!

Oh wait - there's LITTLE FOX TOO!!!!!!!

AND SANDY BEAR!!!!!!!!!  OH WOW!!!

We're all meeting up in London for the weekend!!!  How exciting!!

We all piled onto the Underground to go to South Kensington for lunch.... Jelly was telling me that he'd been washed up on a beach somewhere after Mouse Island got drowned by the tsunami all those years ago and had built a little hut out of driftwood.  He stayed there all alone ...... until Sandy discovered him!!!  Sandy brought him to England to live with me!!!
(Edit: we tied a decorated CD to the pole next to our seat, and it's already been claimed!!  

We were so hungry when we got off the underground that we decided to go to a pizza place because it was closer than the V&A museum.  

Sandy brought us some Beaver Poo chocolates!!!!

We started wiv a fizzy drink....

...and had a bit of a catch up with Jelly!  I've really missed him you know.....

Then we dug into a Quattro Staggioni pizza!  it was yummy!

Then we walked up the road.....

to here.... the V&A Museum!

Bob would LOVE this expedition!!!!!

We saw the fancy glass chandalier and then had a look round for a bit.....

And then outside, we found a funny VW camper van!!

We had a group photo on it!!!

Then we got a C1 bus......


We went shopping for tins!
When we finished here, we got another bus to Fortnum and Masons but it was REALLY REALLY busy!!  We were packed on like sardines and Alexander very nearly didn't get on the bus at all!!!  He squeezed on by a whisker!!  When we got to Fortnums we did some more shopping for tins wiv Bis Kwits in, and it was really busy in there too.

Afterwards, we went over the road to the Royal Academy to have tea in their cafe. 

I had a scone with jam and clottid creeem.  It was YUMMERS!!
Alexander had a hot chocolate and I wish I had one of those now.  Although the pot of tea was very good.....

Then I discovered Otto was here too!  He was a bit shy though so didn't come out much.

After that, we were all tired, so we decided to finish our shopping trip there and then meet up again tomorrow.  So I walked down the road to the bottom of Park Lane and then got the bus home!

.....and we're off!

I put a CD on there too!

And we're back!!  

When we got our bags from the locker room, we went up to the 6th floor!  AND we got a bottom bunk!  Andrea likes bottom bunks - her short legs don't get on with ladders.....

We've never been this high up here before!

After Andrea had a shower (she was a bit sweaty and stinky.....!) we went out for another pizza dinner!

This one was a little thin crust pizza with the middle but cut out and salad put in to cover up the hole.
It was quite nice actually, but not as nice as the one we had for lunch!

I think Jelly Beanie is going to settle right in!!

After that, we were so tired, we all went to bed!!!


  1. It was so good to see Beanie and the crew! And the reunion between Jelly and Beanie brought tears to all of our stuffie eyes. So good that they are back together!

  2. What a great trip! Can't wait to see more...