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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jelly Beanie's walk along the seafront

Today, me and Jelly Beanie had a walk along the seafront looking for more doggies.

We thought there was one by the bandstand...... but it's not ON the bandstand, it's not on the seafront promenade in front of the bandstand and it's not IN the bandstand cafe.

Then we kept on walking past that i360 thingy.

That's the West Pier there, Jelly.  It burnt down a long time ago, and now there's just the skeleton.

Jelly found a pebble with a hole all the way through!!!!!!!
Those are lucky, you know!

Then we DID find a Snowdog!

This one's called Buddy!!  Or Bobby...... Andrea had the wrong setting for the name thing when she took that photo.  Can't get the staff these days......

This dog's pretty though!

His Bum smells of Roses!!!

A bit further along by the Fishing Museum, we came across this chap!

He had a sign round his neck!

He's pretty too!

That side has Brighton in the day time.....

His tail is a light house!!!!! Hahhahahaa!

And this side is BrightOFF - Brighton at night when the lights have been turned off!
That's clever!

The next one was near where the Carousel usually is......

He's a bit loud!

He's got lots of post-it notes all over him!

And on his bum too!!

A bit further along was Brighton Pier!!!

OOOooohh.... there's another one!

It's a Police dog!!!

Oh wow, that's clever!  We'd better be nice to him though.....

We don't want to get handcuffed now, do we?!?!

A bit further down the Pier we found another one!

He's pretty too!

He's got some of the Pier games on!!

As well as an icecream on his bum!

He's got a horse painted on his side!

And a seagull too!

On the way back, we saw a Big Minion game.   I told Jelly Beanie that one of my mates, Vicky, likes Minions but hasn't had a go on that game yet.  She'll probably want to now.....

Then the last one we found today was this one......

He's got the cliffs painted on him!

And the south downs fields!

Very nice!

And he's even got sheep!!!!
We were both pooped after that long walk, so we went home for a snooze!!!

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