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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Another walk, more Snowdogs!!

We went for another walk along the seafront today...... and spotted something on the promenade!

It's Snowbrador the Snowdog!!!

He's a fuzzy dog and he's sticking his tongue out!!!

He's a lovely dog.....

With a fuzzy bum!!!

We like him!!

We had a lovely view over the Channel too....

And some sandy patches on the beach!

And there was something a bit weird WAAAAY out in the distance!
We can't work out what it is though...!

Then we found another Snowdog ..... along with loads of other people who were doing some kind of sponsored walk thingy....

This one's called Pebbles!

She was very popular - all the walkers were stopping to have their picture taken with her!!

She has lots of Beach huts!  Wonder if she's peed on any of them.....

She's even got pebbles on her bum!!

I like her!

Then we went for a walk up to the butchers to get some chicken pies for dinner and we found another drain cover - I don't think we've seen this one before!!

And then we found another skull in a shop window!!!
What a fun day out!!

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  1. Bit scary at the end there!!
    That black dog looked all velvety!