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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Another day out!!!

Today we got up early (for a holiday!!) and we went on another expedition!!!

First stop was the bus stop.....

And we got off at Brighton Station!

OK, so where are we going this time....??

OK, so we got another window seat!!

And we're off!!

Oh!!  We're back in London again!!!

Where are we going this time??

The C10 bus??  Oh I like that one!

We left a CD tied to the seat in front!

Wonder where we're getting off?

We got off here and we met a white fluffy dog going the other way.  He was ever so friendly, and stopped for a chat!!!

Then we left a bookcrossing book with "Red" in the title....

By the statue of a chap called Millais who was an artist!  And he used red in some of his paintings....

then we went round the corner to see an expedition!!!  It's called Painting with light....

And it's in here!!!  We got £10 off the ticket price too, with our art pass!!

First, we had to use the facilities and hung one of my CDs on the door.  Well, I'm an artist too you know..... I'm sure they'd appreciate it....!

That was a really good expedition that was!!!  It was all about how the invention of photography helped artists do their arting better, from JMW Turner and James McNeill Whistler in the early 1800s all the way through to the Impressionists and post impressionists up to 1910.  They had some of Dante Rossetti's paintings in and some very interesting photographs on salted paper and cyanprints (which is what blueprints are prints on!  Blue paper!)  It was very interesting!

Then we decided to get another bus somewhere else for lunch because we were getting hungry.

We got another C10 bus and gave it a weathergram!

Where we going now?

We got off here at Pimlico!!

They have that mad steampunky statue here so we left another bookcrossing book there!

DOH!!  It fell over!!

Then we needed to get a 360 bus somewhere else.....

We gave that one a CD too!

OH LOOK!  It's Sullivan's House!!!

Where we going now??

Oh, we got off here!

At South Kensington Station!

We walked round the corner and found Perino's - let's eat here!!

First we got a drink....

And then we got a Quattro Stagioni pizza!!  YUMMMM!


That was a yum lunch!!  We had to get another bus afterwards, so walked up here....

To the V&A museum.....

To the bus stop outside.  We got on a C1 bus this time....

and we're off!

We got off here and met a royal guardsman!

OH!!  We're outside Horrids!!


We came in to do some shopping because it's Andrea's Dad's birthday tomorrow and we were going to get him some yummy stuff.

we had a look round first....

The inside is gorgeous!

After a spot of shopping in the food hall....

We went in here to get some cakes!!!!

Outside we saw a funny car with Russian writing on the side!

And then it was time to come home!

So we got another C1 bus....

And left them another weathergram....

And headed back to.....


Except this time we're getting a Coach home!!!!

We had to wait here for a bit...

And then they let us all on and we got a window seat!  Excellent!

And we're off!  Here we go into the midst of London traffic!


Oh wow, I'm a lucky mouse!!!

Here we are crossing the Thames...


Those buildings are a bit bonkers!

Oh hang on - is that an elephant on that roof???!!

This is about an hour out of London except we're still IN London!!!

Two hours out of London - just past Gatwick Airport....

And just arriving at the South Downs - it's all grey cloud here!

Aha!  Patcham, on the outskirts of Brighton!!

There's an Octopus on the front of that building!!

Here we are going past the Royal Pavillion!!

We left a weathergram tied onto the seat......

AND they dropped us off right outside my house!
Wasn't that nice of them!!!
What a fab day!


  1. You made CD art also? What other CD art pieces do you have?

    1. You can see them on my other blog,

  2. Nice trip! Pimlico is where I stayed last time I was in London! What is Quattro (4) Stagioni?

    1. I think it's "Four Seasons" - so a quarter of the pizza is pepperoni, a quarter is mushroom, a quarter is cheese only and a quarter is something else..... something like that, anyway!