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Monday, 1 August 2016

A Day out to London!!!

Today, because Andrea wasn't working, we decided to have a day out!!

So we headed off up to Hove station.....

.....and whizzed off to......

Brighton Station??  We got the train to BRIGHTON??
Oh!  We're getting another train?  Oh, OK then......

When we got on the train we managed to get a window seat, but the train was ridiculously busy.  Packed like a tin of sardines busy....

Oh here we go...... going past Battersea Power Station!

And going across the river!  We're in London!

Then we had to get the bus and luckily there was one waiting for us!!  They're reserved just for me, you know....!

We left them a tag as well. I'm good like that you know.....

We're going past the back of Buckingham Palace now.....

And we got off here!!!  The Royal Academy Summer Expedition!!!

OH!!  Big spikey thing in the courtyard - and it moved about too!
We got a ticket with our National Art Pass - all of £2.50 off the entry ticket.  Better than a kick up the arse I suppose.....!!!!!

Oh, now these are a bit weird...... an interesting sort of a way......!!!

Oh that's nice..... someone bought that already, you can tell by the red dot!!!

Oh, now I like that one.....

And that one as well.....

OH!!!  Even some doggie sculptures came to see!!!

Oh!!  WOOPS.... mind out now....

Neon lights as well??!?!?!

I like that one too, feeding ducks on the duck pond!!

....and more odd ones.....

After a good look round, we were getting seriously hungry.  First of all we made use of the facilities and then figured out where to go for lunch.

We ended up going down to the RA cafe place - we'd never been there before so decided to give it a try.  They had dressed crab (on the shell) with some Rye bread and coleslaw for a tenner......

And it was YUMMMMMMMM!!!
And the orange juice was the real stuff too, freshly squished orange juice! 
Oh I'm glad we went there!!!

After lunch we decided to have a wander...

To Fortnum & Mason's over the road!!!

Their windows were done up in an Alice in Wonderland these and were really cool!  This one had a mouse in it!!!

And inside we spotted some chocolate piggies!!

After we'd done our shopping, we used the side exit to get out of the building and saw this fella climbing up the banisters!!!!!!  I didn't know they allowed the staff to do that here!!

Oooh, those are nice tassels!!!

Oh!  Gin!!!

We had a walk down the road and found a little food market in front of a church!!!  And this stall had fudge!  Well, it would be rude not to wouldn't it?

Hmm..... we'll have to remember this place!

We did some more window shopping and saw a Harry Potter selection in a bookshop!

And then we walked past the Ritz!!!

And had a look in Green Park!

Then we decided to get the bus back as it was nearly home time.  We gave this bus a tag, too!

There's the back of Buckingham Palace again!

And we got off here....

...and saw another sculpture!  Of a shirt.......

Hmm.  Think I'll pass on that one....

there was this one as well....

And it had little people in it!

Then it was home time, so we went back to the station to get our train.

This one wasn't so busy too..... and we got another window seat as well!

Here we go back over the Thames!!  Bye bye London!

.....nearly home......

....and it's raining!!!!

Well sort of.  I didn't get wet, anyway!!!

These are the two cards we got from the Royal Academy - they didn't have postcards this year. 
Now....... wonder who's going to get them......!!

Oh, lets have a look at what I chose!!!

Mmmm..... well that's my dinner tonight.  What are you having??!


  1. Nice!!! That lunch looks amazing... and the fudge is making my stuffie mouth water... drool....

  2. Fudge? oh yummy--that box of fudge would not last long in our house!

  3. Oh, Ben says Andrea might like to know: new on the US shelves...

    chocolate chip cookie Oreos
    Key Lime Pie Oreos
    blueberry pie Oreos
    Velvet cake Oreos
    smores Oreos
    chocolate brownie Oreos

    1. OH YUMMMMMM!!!! Key Lime Pie Oreoeoeoeoeooeos!!! Slurp!