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Monday, 20 June 2016

A Soggy Day in Eastbourne.....

Today Andrea had taken the day off work and said we were going to meet people!

We went up to the bus stop but because it was raining, it was very busy..... so we went to another bus stop and found a bus that wasn't packed up!

And we got off here!!  We met up with Bev and Vicky and then went and got a number 13X bus.....

And we're off.... and it's raining......

..... this is Cuckmere Haven which you can barely see because of the low flying cloud!!!

We got off at the last stop, at Eastbourne Pier.
It's pissing it down....

Oh poop....

Speaking of poop, a seagull pooped on that pretentious car!!!  HAhahahahahaaaaaa!!!
(it's on the door)

Well we ran down the Pier to see what was what and it was all rather disappointing.  The very end of it is a nightclub which is presumably only open at night, and not quarter to eleven in the morning.  The arcade games bit had about eight games in it, none of which were the 2p games that we like.

Which left us with the Victorian Tea Rooms which had just opened and had a very posh and very low slung chandelier in it.

Me and Bev had a hot chocolate each - Vicky had a Pot Of Tea.

Me and Bev had a Hot Scone each wiv jam and Clotted Cream.  It was Yum!!!

A bit later they turned the lights on!

Posh huh?!

After tea, we decided that since the weather was so crap, we'd get the bus back to Brighton and have lunch somewhere nice and they play the arcade games there... so we got on the next bus!

I left then a weathergram!'s still pissing it with rain!!!!

Anyway, we got off here ....... it wasn't raining quite so hard now!!

And we went for lunch here!!!

We all had prawn toasts because they're yummy!

And I had a King Prawn Pad Thai which was yumtastic!!
I couldn't finish it all though!!

After lunch, we walked down to the seafront and found another cable box!!

That's where we're going!!!

And we found a sculpture on the way!!!

Here we are!  Brighton Pier!!

Well the games were a little slow this time, specially the 10p games.  We'd put loads of money in but nothing bumped along or fell out into the prize pockets at the bottom!!  But we did get a few prizes though!!

After that, I think we were all a little pooped and tired, so we decided to go home.  We found a lucky cat cable box on the way!!!

After I said goodbye to Vicky and Bev, me and Andrea got the bus home.

And said hello to a lovely black cat that lives near Tesco's!!
It was a bit of a soggy day really, but at least it was a day off work!!!


  1. Nice kitty!!! Good thing you are relatively waterproof. What a soggy day!

  2. The tea room looks amazing. I love having tea with all the snacks. Does the cat have a name?

    1. I don't know..... we've met that cat a few times and he's ever so friendly but we don't speak meow so we don't know his name.