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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Beanie Went to London, day one

Today we got up REAAALLLLY early for a Sunday, because Andrea said we were going somewhere Special.  We'd all packed to go, too!

We set off up the road to the bus stop an found a 1p coin on the floor!  That's MINE!!
We got to the bus stop just in time for a bus, too....

And got off here!!!  We then walked up the road....

past a grafitti's cable box.....

Up to the train station!!

We didn't have to wait long for our train, and we tied a tag onto the seat!

Nearly there now......

Here we are, over the Thames!!

When we got off the bus, we went round the corner to the bus stop at the side of the station.

Not long to wait for our bus!

We tied a tag there too!

Coo, that's pretty!

We're going over the Thames again!

And we got off here..... about half past ten which we sort of expected!

Oh!  We're staying here?!?!!!  We checked in and put our bag in a locker since we couldn't go into the room yet.  That was OK because.....

We went back to the bus stop to get another bus!!

That one got a tag too!

We got off at Canada Water and then got a 199 bus.  That one was busy.....

So here's a picture of where we got off!!!

Near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich!!!!

This time, we're going up the market though to go Shopping!!!

Oh wow!!!
They had lots of posh shops here though.... it's not really a flea market, more of a arts/crafts and a tad high end prices at that kind of a market.  Lots of food places too....

We found a piggy!!!

And a mouse!!!!
It was a lot of fun in there and we spent a bit of money......

And then went back to the Cutty Sark!!!

Isn't that amazing?!

We left a piratey book near the gift shop!!
And then went IN the gift shop and bought more stuff!

By now we were getting hungry so we went off to find somewhere to eat.  We found a jazz group busking so stayed to listen for a bit.

Mugs for Bob and Dilly!!!!

Ah, here we are!  We ate here before and they do good pizza!

We got a fizzy drink....

And a Romano pizza.  There wasn't much left of that when we'd finished!!!!!

Then we got a bus back...

....and we're off!!

.....back at Canada Waters!!!

And then ANOTHER bus!!!

We managed to tie a tag onto that one!

And off we go again!

Back to the youth hostel!

We took our case up to our room, and we got the only available bunk in the room, which was a top bunk.  They're a bit difficult to climb into when you've got short legs like me.

That's the view from our room....

And that's the view over the reception area!!

After that, we were off again!!!  Andrea's keeping me busy today!!

This time we're getting the Underground??? Really??!

We got off at Whitechapel and had to change lines.....

And got off here!!!

Hang on, I recognise this place!!!

Oh coo....

Can you guess where we are today!!!

Yeah!!!  The Tower of London!!!

Oh hang on!  Can you see that archer on the roof top??  On the circular tower bit?!

we left a bookcrossing book here too!!!

There's another archer on THAT tower too!!!

And Tower Bridge as well!!  Oh wow, what fun!

We had a little sit down, and left another book on the bench too!!

That's my favourite bridge, I think!!

There's Traitor's Gate!  Lots of famous people have been through there...!

There's the white tower.  William the conkers player built that.  

That weird Cheesegrater building is in the background there...

And the weird Shard building is in the background there....

That's not a weird building in the background though.
Then we got the Underground back.....

And we had to change at Whitechapel again!

This time we got off at Canada Waters - Rotherhithe is a bit of a creepy station!!  This one's much nicer!

And then we had to get another bus....

....back here!!!  I'm a very well travelled mouse you know!

Later on, after we'd had a wash & brush up (well Andrea did.  I don't do barthin') we went out for a walk to get our apetite up for dinner.

We walked along the river for a bit.....

And found one of our favourite statues!

That's the comic he's reading!

And that's the front cover!

And the back cover!!

Then we found the train outside the Brunel Museum!!  I got to be train driver again!!!


And then we went and ate here!!!  We like it here!

I treated Andrea to a glass of wine.  It's very good of her to take me places!

And then she bought me dinner!!!  We had pan fried salmon on a dressed salad with goats cheese, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds.  It was YUMTASTIC!!!!!

And then for pudding we had warm chocolate mousse cake with a fruit compot and chantilly cream!
That was ace as well!!

Then when we asked for the bill, they brought us a chocolate truffle as well!!!
Andrea let me have that!  (she's good like that.  Well, sometimes....)

Then we had a slow walk back to the youth hostel.

And checked our facebook page for fan mail......