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Friday, 22 April 2016

We went to the Pier!!!

 Today, Andrea brought me into work and afterwards we went to the Pier!!!

 Arnty Vicky and Arnty Bev came too...... with Fatty Ratty and Tulip!!!!  After we won loads of prizes we were hungry...... REALLY hungry!!

 So we came here for dinner!!!

 Andrea said I could choose off the menu so I did.

Then we got our prizes out!!!  We won loads - but hang on!!  One's missing!!!  Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky won a bloo ladybug and gave it to me, and it's gone missing!!!!  We searched an searched an searched, and he's gone!!!!  We were really upset!

We even checked all the other prizes too........ actually that's a really good stash.......

Fatty Ratty and Tulip  said we weren't to worry.  Bloo ladybug probably found a better place to go eat.

 So we decided to get plastered instead!!

Then our food came!  We had a prawn cocktail.
That was yum.

 Then we had a risotto marinara wiv mussels in it.  That was yum too.  But not as yum as the risotto we had in the other place in Hove.  But it was still yum.

 THEN we had three profiteroles wiv chocolate and cream.  They were REEEAAALLLLY yum!!!
Arnty Bev got a chocolate cake and let me lick the plate after.  I got chocolate on my nose.  
That was yum too!!

On the way to the bus stop we found another grafitti cable box.....

 When we got home, we emptied out all of Andrea's bags and pockets.  The ladybug's defo gone awol but we do have some more coins for my piratey box!!!

And we got a new red marker pen too!!!