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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Walking and icecream!!

 This morning we decided to go for a walk and meet up with Vicky and her doggie.

 It was a nice sunny day but rather windy!!!

 Half the pebbles from the beach were on the promenade bit!!!

 There's the West Pier in the distance....

 That's Brunswick Square up there!

 We had a little sit down because we were early - and we left a weathergram!

 That posh building there is in Hove....

 .....and that skanky modern building is in Brighton.
That's how you tell the difference on the seafront.  Hove buildings are posher.

 Then we met Vicky and we had some Ben and Jerry's caramel chew chew icecream.  They only had the big tubs in the supermarket though.  Half price.  It's a tough life being a mouse, you know.

 On the way home we found a grafitti spider on a man hole cover!!!!!

And Andrea got me a Minion Pu ball!!!!!
I'm very lucky, you know.


  1. You are very lucky! I still wonder if Jerry & Ben get royalties from that ice cream company using their names...

  2. Half price ice cream, you are a lucky mouse.