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Saturday, 5 March 2016

We went to London!!

Yesterday Andrea said we were going out so we went up to the bus stop.....

......and went to the train station!!

 They made us wait and wait and wait until three minutes before the train left, to tell us what platform it was on!!!  And then we all made a mad dash to get on the train!!!  But we made it!!

 What a lovely day though.....

 Oh here we are!!  Crossing the Thames!!

 OH!!  Battersea Power Station has had its' chimneys knocked off!!!!  It doesn't look right without them!

 So we're off through the station concourse.  So where do we go now?

 Bus stop for the C1!!  Excellent!

 I tied a weathergram to the rail too!!

 There's Horrids!  Are we going shopping?!?!?!

 WHAT?  We're not getting off here????  OH NOOO!!!

 Oh!!  We got off outside the V&A Museum instead!!!  Are we going in there??!

 We found another bloo Plark that was on the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman.  The Military Attachay lives there.  Wonder what he does?

 Oh - that's the Natural History Museum!!  Are we going in there?  No??

 We're going here!!!!  It's the Leonardo Da Vinci expedition at the Science Museum!!!!

 LET'S GO IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Well we went inside and asked for directions to the Da Vinci expedition and it was ALL the way down the other end of the building and then go in the basement, but first we did some bookcrossing!!  We had four books that we decided to "lose" somewhere in the museum and one of them was in the ladies loo!!!  Hahahahaaaaa!!

 Oh!  This way!  

We found the right place and we got in for half price on my art pass!!  Leonardo invented loads of stuff back in his day.  This is webbed glove invention for underwater swimming, like the flippers scuba divers use now.

 He also invented the deep sea diving suit too.

And a Motor Vee Hickle.

 And a para-shoot!!!  Coo, he was clever!!!!!
As there were lots of schoolchildren in the museum, it was very noisy so we didn't stay long.  But it was a fun expedition, and we bought a book in the gift shop too.  The man on the till said it was the best book there so we made a good choice!!!

 AND I got a squished penny!!!  That's Stephenson's Rokkit train!!!

 Then we went out and walked down the road...... I'm getting hungry.  Shall we have lunch soon???

 We had to pass the V&A museum again...... get to the bus stop for the C1 going the other way.

 We tied another weathergram on the railing.....

 .....and we're off!!

 We got off after two stops - and I spotted this funky glass sculpture!!

 And then I noticed Horrids over the road!!!  YIPPEE!!!!!

 We went in and did some shopping - that's quite a fancy staircase isn't it?!?!

 And then we made our way through the food hall to go for lunch.

 And we came to Laduree again!!!  Hurray!!!

 First of all we had some fizzy water with a slice of lemon.....

 And then we had French Emanthal Crock Monshure..... that's usually a cheesey toasted sandwich, but here they did it a bit differently and it was YUMTASTIC!!!!  I even helped eat the salad bit in the middle!!!!

 After lunch, we bought some more macarons and then left and spotted the window display!

 They've got an Alice in Wonderland special!!!

 With Alice boxes too!!!

 Then it was time to get back to the bus stop......

.....and we tied another weathergram on the railing in the bus!

 We passed the posh Goo-Chi shop on the way, all coverd in gold.  Bit OTT if you ask me.  

 And we got off here.....

 .....over the road from the station!  Excellent!

 We didn't have to wait long for the train either.... I tied a weathergram on there too!!

 Ta-ra river Thames!

 .....nearly home.......

 There's the South Downs in the distance.

 And we're back!!!

 There was a bus waiting for us outside the station, so we got on straight away.

 And they got a weathergram too!!

 And then we got off and walked down the road home!!!
Andrea said her ear held up pretty well too!  It felt a bit sore but she took some paracetamol and it was OK.  I'm glad.  I don't like it when Andrea isn't well.....

 This is the book that we got at the Science Museum....

 And we got our favourite coffee at Horrids too!!  We also got a Present For Someone but we can't tell you what it is, because it has to be A Surprise.

 And that's the macaron box we got....


And we also got a bubble bar from Lush at Victoria station!!
That was a fun day!