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Thursday, 24 March 2016

We went out for dinner!

 Just before 6 p.m. Andrea said we were going out!

 We were going to meet someone outside the Town Hall..... it was Sir Woodstock's Mum!  He couldn't come this weekend because his arthritis was playing up in his joints.  That's a shame....

 Because Orsino's (where we usually go for dinner with Sir Woodstock) had gone a bit downhill, we decided to try somewhere different this time, and went here - Le Nantais Trattoria.  It's an Italian restaurant but run by French people.

 Sir Woodstock sent me a present of choccies!!!  (He knows me well!!!)

 First of all we ordered the drinks.  We had a white wine.

 We decided to get some olives too - they were yummy!!!

 Andrea chose a scallop rissotto and it was absolutely YUMTASTIC!!!  We couldn't finish it all though.... but we tried hard!!
This place is much better than Orsino's - we're going to come here again!!!

After a really nice evening, we came home...... got a bit damp in the rain though, but that's OK!