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Saturday, 19 March 2016

We got a new art shop!!!

 We had a new art shop open up in Brighton a couple of weeks ago - it's a Cass Art Shop, and we've been into some of their London shops - and now they have one in Brighton!!!  This weekend, they had their special Opening Weekend where if you spent over £10, you get 10% off AND a goodie bag with £40-worth of prezzies in it!!!!  So we went down there first thing this morning and got three paint marker pens and some more lino to do linoprinting with.

 And this is the big orange goodie bag that we got!!!  What's in it??!?!

 There's TWO sketch book notebooks!!!

 We got a box of six charcoal pencils with a pencil sharpener in it!!!

 What's this???

 OH!!  Two graphik fine liner pens!  A black one and a bloo one!!!
Bob T Bear likes using those - wonder if he'd like these??

 And a fluorescent orange fine liner pen!!!  Bob T Bear might like that too....

 A tube of oil paint and a tube of acrylic paint1!!  Both ultramarine bloo!!

 Another pen!!!  This one it can rub itself out too!!  That's handy!

 Ooooooooooohhhhh!!  A Winsor and Newton tin!  What's in it???!?!

 OH WOW!!!  Yellow oil paint, walnut acrylic paint, watercolour paint but we can't work out the colour, a box of 2 soft pastels, and three marker pens!!!   How exciting!!!

And another £5 off offer!!!  Oh what fun!!!!!  I love going to shop openings and getting presents!!!


  1. Let me get this straight... you bought £10 worth of stuff and walked out with a £40 gift bag for FREE??? That's crazy! Must say... drooling over the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook... heard many good things about them.

    1. Yep. That was the deal - spend £10 at the till (after the 10% discount!) and get an additional £40 worth of goodies!!

  2. My 2nd attempt at posting grrrr!!!!

    but... OMG!!! You got all that for FREE??? That must have been exciting to open! And yes, Bob would LOVE a new pen :) he's always doodling and writing secret notes. Mostly to himself or Sam.