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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Bookcrossing in Brighton Marina!!!

 Today we decided to do some more bookcrossing but in Brighton this time.  So off we tootled to the Church up the road.....

 And left a book on the bench outside.  

 Then we walked up this road - and saw that one of the banks had a Police car parked outside and cordoned off with "Police Crime Scene, do not enter" tape!!!  Oh wow!!!  Have they been robbed??

 When we got to the bus stop, there was a bus waiting so we got on it.

 And away we went.....

 First we got off at Brighton Station because we had to collect some train tickets for next week.

 And then when we'd done that, we got on another bus.....

 And away we went again!!

 And we got off here at Brighton Marina!!!

 The books we brought with us were all about pirates and boats, so the first one we left on this bench...

 and then we searched for another place to leave one.  Ooohh.... casino!  Gambling!!!
What do you mean not today???

 We found another shop with skulls in too!!

 And then we found an abandoned anchor so we left another book there!!

 OH!!  Those are fancy boats!!

 We left our last book on this bench by a pub!

 Then we decided to come home because we were getting hungry.

 While we were waiting for the bus, we had a chat with this starling.  He got shy though and didn't want his picture taken.

 Here we go...!

 We got off here by this train!

 Because on the way, we'd spotted some more grafitti'd cable boxes!!!

 We saw this manhole cover on the way to another cable box.....

 Cheeky monkey!!

 Then we went back to the bus stop and got on another bus......

 .....and saw this cable box on the way home!!

After all of that, we walked down here to go home!!  What fun!