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Friday, 25 March 2016

A long walk along the seafront!

 Today the weather was really sunny so we decided to go for a walk and do some more bookcrossing.  First we went through this games area....

 ....down to the beach!  A lot of doggies were out too!

 It's very peaceful there today......!

 We walked towards Brighton.....

 That's the broken down West Pier there.

 We left our first book on a bollard seat thing.

 And then went down to the Fishing Museum!

 We left a book there all about pirates!!!

 See?  It's an anchor "hauling in" machine!!

 Then we went past some carousels!

 One had a dragon on it!!!!

 Oh!!  That's for naughty pirates??!  I though ALL pirates were naughty!!

 Then we walked past the Brighton Pier....

 And went to the Sealife Centre entrance and left another book on the submarine statue!!

 Then we went up to the nearest bus stop.....

 ....and got a bus home!!!

 When we got off the bus, we left our last book here....

And then came home!!


  1. Great adventure - were the dogs friendly?

  2. Excellent adventure. You sure are getting a lot of walking trips done.