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Friday, 12 February 2016

We had a day out!!!

 Today we had the day off work and we went to go meet somebody at Brighton Train Station.  On the way, we walked past this weird sign.  Walked past it most days for years and just noticed today why it's weird.
We met Bev at the train station and came back to George Street, because we had to go visit all the charity shops to find her a New Friend

 In the end, we found her two!!!  That's Fatty Ratty in the middle (he's looking up because he didn't know what sky looked like) and Tulip the Panda.  They're very shy at the moment, but they'll settle in, I'm sure.  Bev's potty, they'll like her.

 After walking past lots of shops along Church Road, we stopped for coffee.  Well we had coffee and Bev had a hot chocolate.  They were yummy!!!

 Then we did MORE walking and ended up half way down Western Road, when we got hungry and had lunch.  I had Bubble and Squeak wiv bacon an a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce on top.  It was yummers!!!!!

 Then we did MORE walking and ended up at Brighton Pier!!

 HORRAAAAAYYYY!!!  A bit later, we met Vicky and Jay and we went and did loads of gambling on the 2p machines!!!  It was brilliant fun!!

 The best bit was getting kicked out at 5:30!!!!!  We've never been kicked off the Pier!  Can we do that again???!

 we were all getting hungry by then so we went to JB's Diner for - well, dinner!!!  These are all the stuff I won!  I got two skull key rings, a bear key ring, a heart key ring, a camper van key ring, some Marbols for my Marbol collection and a lollilililililliipop.  I did well today!

 Vicky won all that.  She's getting good at gambling.

 Bev won a whole fruit basket!  A strawberry, an orange, a banarnana and a bunch of grapes!!!

 Jay got these ones - but he's new at Gambling so needs more practice.  We'll have to take him again.
But he let me swap one of his Pacman keyrings for my Camper van keyring.  I gave him the Camper van one because he likes going away in a Camper van.  I'm nice like that.

 Then we got the pudding in!!!  Me and Bev shared a caramelelellelelellellllll  milkshake between us.  All that is supposed to be for one person.

 Me an Bev also shared a Texas BBQ burger that was rather good.  And it came wiv chips too!!

 Vicky had a steak that was still moo-ing.

 Andrea took our photo when we got outside.  This one we're sleeping, and Vicky's picking her nose.
Except you can't see because it's dark.  

 Then Andrea took another one with the flash and woke us all up.  I was having a nice snooze there too.
Then it was time to go home.  Me and Bev walked back to the bus stop and she got the bus back to the station and we came home.

 Me and Vicky also swapped a keyring - she got a skull one for one of her dinosaurs.  I think I'll send it with the bear one up to Bob and Dilly.  They'll like those even if the Bear is red instead of Bloo

 Somebody had sent us a book today too which was nice of them!!

It was this one - we won it in a bookcrossing sweepstakes!  How fun!!
I'm exhaustipated now, with all that walking.  I only have little legs you know.....

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  1. new friends, good food, and cool prizes! sounds like a great day to me Beanie!