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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Out for Lunch in Brighton!!!

 Today, Andrea said we were going out. 

 After we paid the water bill, we went to the bus stop and got the next bus into town!!

 We got off here ........

 And then went bookcrossing in the Pavillion gardens!!!  It didn't take long for the first book to be found!!!  Hahahahaaaa!!

 We left another book hanging on this bench.....

 We got daffodils out now!!!  They're pretty!!

 We left our last book here.....

 Then we went over to the Pavillion to meet Vicky!

 They got pretty flowers out.....

 They got snowdrops too!!!

 When Vicky arrived, we went into the Pavillion.  She'd never been before and really liked it!!!  There's lots of dragons in it, but we're not allowed to take pictures, which is a bit shit really.

 When we came out, we were really hungry, so we went up the road to eat at a Thai restaurant that Vicky says is good.  We found some more cable box grafitti too!!

 We haven't seen a Blue Meanie for ages......

 Here we are!!!  I'm STARVING!!!!!

 First we got the drinks in.....

We both had prawn toast for starters.  They were yumtastic!!!

 We had King Prawn Pad Thai which was seriously yummers!!!!  Vicky had a red curry.  But we didn't photograph that because we didn't eat it.  We were all completely stuffed after all that food!!

 We then walked up to the bus stop - we found a sheep......

 This is where Willy Friese Greene experimented in photography.

 And then we found more cable boxes!!

And after a spot of shopping, we got to the bus stop.  Vicky had to go do some more shopping but we came home.  That was a nice day out, that!!!

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