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Thursday, 17 December 2015

We had a Christmas Party!!!

 Today Andrea said I was coming into work with her for Something Very Important!!!  Turns out they were having a Christmas Sock Present exchange and I was in charge!!!  First, everyone put the stuffed socks on a table and then we took turns to pick a pair that we hadn't stuffed ourselves

 We got these socks!!!

 It had candy cane tied to it!!!  I can use that ribbon......!!!!  What?  That's not the present?  OH!

 We got a shot glass!!!!!  EXCELLENT!!!!!

 Mmphphphrmmmmphphph there's other stuff.... mphphphgmmmphg hang on....

 We got a wonderwoman lego key ring and a Wol!!!

 AND a joke book!!!!  And Beads!!!!!  oh fab!!


 Then everyone had to put their socks on so we could take a picture of them!!!

 After all that excitement, I went back to Andrea's desk and found some chocolate brownies to eat.  Ninja Bev brought them in just for me!!!

 Then at lunch time we all went out.  What??  Where we going??!?!

 We're all getting tattoos???

 WE'RE HAVING BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is a fun place that has old vinyl records on the walls!!!

 Coo, this is fun!!

 OH WOW!!!!  We got a salted caramel milkshake!!!


 And then we got a cheesey bacon burger that was absolutely Yumtastic!!!
Oh I like it here!

 They got ketchup bottles on their Christmas tree!!!

 After lunch, a few of us went for a little walk - we found a new grafitti'd cable box!

 Oh!  We've come to the Pavillion!

 They got the ice rink up again!!!

 We're going in?!?!  Fab!

 Oh brill, we got a rink-side seat!!!

 OH WOW!!!  Andrea got me an Indulgent Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream on it!!!  It wasn't as good as we have at home - this stuff was super sugary.
But it was OK to drink.  We even managed to finish it.  All of it.

 Then we decided it was time to go home, so we walked down to the bus stop for Hev to get her bus.

 Then me and Ninja Bev walked up the road to the Pound Shop - we stopped for a chat with these dinosaurs.  They were friendly!

 Then Bev went to get her train home and we went to get a bus.  The Christmas lights were just coming on....

 Can't really see the lights too well just yet.

when we got off the bus the other end, we found these trees in a shop window!!
And then we came home.  That was a fun day out!!


  1. What a great day! I love the idea of Secret Sox. Much better then the usual 'secret Santa' !

  2. .... and Dilly likes the look of those dino-wagons.

  3. First time we've done secret sox - we pinched the idea from an American friend of mine who's on FarceBlok. Was fun!!

  4. The Secret Sox are a beary cool idea... love that everyone wears them at the end!